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Bailey’s Big Girl Room


So it’s totally normal to post your house pictures as soon as you no longer live there, right??  No?  Oh well!  It’s happening!  We moved out of our awesome 1970’s ranch just a couple weeks ago and I find myself feeling sad and nostalgic for it already. Although we have a wonderful new home to move into later this month, this home, Brick Rancher, will always have a soft spot in my heart.  It’s the first one that we ever lived in and really felt like it was “home”.  We put SO much love, sweat, and moolah (haha!) into it and really made it our own.  With all my previous college/young adult moves from apartments to rentals and things like that, this was the first time I could really let loose and paint/demo/decorate just as I saw fit, with no thought of “will the owners mind?” or “will this be neutral enough for buyers to like?”.  And I had the best time doing it!

And through it all I figured out my style is called “Bohemian Shabby Chic”.  Whatever the heck that is!  I kind of just made that up.  But I think it describes my decorating style pretty well; though it’s not really reflected in B’s room- here I was going for more of a sweet and vintage little girl’s room.  So I posted about Georgia’s nursery a year and half ago (!!!!), but never made it to Bailey’s room.  Poor big sis!  But here it is now.  Sadly, it’s the one room I never “finished” in the Brick Rancher.  Just had lots of pieces of furniture I wanted to paint, but never got to.  But other than that, I loved her room!  And I think she did too.  So without any more babbling, here it is……(I miss it already!)……

One last thing- sorry about the quality of the first picture. Unfortunately I never went around to take “Before” pics of the house, though I wish I had, and so I had to swipe this from the MLS listing which seemed to stay on the internet months after we bought the house.  And we bought the house from our friends and so it’s fun to look back and remember it as “their” house before we made it our own.  Even though me and Caroline have different decorating styles (I play it safe and she is much more funky and bold! love it!), it’s always been a wonderful, beautiful house!  Ok- here’s the pics for real this time!



 it’s a soft, soothing pale yellow color.  and not one i picked out (i’m bad at picking yellows!).  but one Caroline had used in another room in the house and i loved it, so got it matched at Lowes for Bailey’s room

 love her while/spindly wood bed.  $50 at an antique store here in Asheville.  again- i don’t post prices to brag or anything like that, but just to show you can find great stuff at low prices if you get creative, stay patient, and keep your eyes peeled! (a very gross visual expression btw! ha!)

 can i tell you how much i ADORE these 3 prints!  they are so precious and vintage and i love the colors! bought all 3 at a church consignment sale for $12! i bought them right after we sold our first house and were living w/my parents before moving to NC.  in my head it was impractical to buy something i couldn’t use right away, but i loved them so much so i bought them and stored them away for over a year, and when i finally pulled them out of storage, i was so thankful i listened to my “impractical” gut at the time.  and it’s funny b/c bailey always loves looking at the little girl in the pictures and wanting to know about her “why is she in time out?”…….”what is her dog’s name?”….ha ha!

 toy wall.  we had a “playroom” so most were in there, but we kept her dollhouse and storage bin for random toys in her room

 starting the tradition…….using the hospital flowers i got when bailey was born and making her name out of them

 little nook behind the door to her room.  coat hanger w/extra shelves for do-dads and things like that

 when we moved in all the closets had these dark bifold doors.  thought of painting them, but then decided it would be more fun to get pretty curtains to use instead.  i think it really made things feel more open and flowy

 mirrored butterfly stickers i got at TJMaxx for about $10.  they were cute.  however when i had to take them down when we were moving, they totally ripped part of the wall off. oops!  i love the way they look, but not the damaging effects, so not sure i’d use them again

 originally i had a beautiful, long white dresser in bailey’s room.  but i wanted to have more floor space b/c the room was kind of small.  so we sold that one craigslist and found this one on craigslist for only $60.  solid wood, Bassett brand- woohoo!  this was one of the pieces i kept meaning to paint a fun color… maybe?

 bailey’s handprints and footprints from when she was a baby.  i can’t believe she was ever that small!!!

 her little art corner where she’d color and draw a lot.  my mom got her this table and chair set.  again – think i’ll get 2 more chairs and paint them one day

 bookcase i got for free from a former co-worker who was throwing it away from her classroom.  just needs a fresh coat of paint!  and dang- when did bailey ever have that few of books??? usually it was jam packed- maybe this was right after a spring cleaning session?  

 i just like this picture of her window curtain.  just simple and white with little dots.  it did use to be floor length, but i didn’t like that and since i can’t sew I used this tutorial and made them shorter

last pic! all the ceilings in the bedrooms had these weird, funky designs.  bailey got the “flower” room.  probably my favorite!

Well that it is for B’s room!  Gonna try to go through and post pics of each room in the house before we move into our new one and this one gets lost in my memory forever!  Just a couple weeks of downtime while we live in a furnished rental cabin and then the chaos begins and we move again (hopefully for the last time for at least a decade!) into our 3rd (and final?) home!


>Welcome to my Crib…..Georgia’s nursery


>So we’ve been in our house for 4 and 1/2 months and I’m just now getting around to posting pictures…..sorry! It’s just that I have a million little projects for each room, and I don’t want to post pics until they are done. Or mostly done. And this weekend I finally finished Georgia’s room, so that’s why it’s the first one I’m sharing.

I have had so much fun decorating our house and making it a home. Something that is comfortable and reflects our style. Or rather my style; Steve isn’t Mr. Decorator Dude, even though I do always ask for his input and take whatever opinions he has into consideration. (FYI- his opinion usually concurs with the cheapest option….ha ha!) Since we’ve been married (4.5 yrs.), this is the first home we’ve owned that I’ve been able to really decorate and put my own spin on. Otherwise it’s been apartments, rental homes, and a house that we knew we would sell quickly, which meant everything was pretty bland and buyer friendly. So I’ve been dreaming about putting together a home for the last few years- collecting ideas here and there and storing them away until the right time. And now it’s here and the wait and anticipation has made the enjoyment of our home all that much sweeter.

Now as far as my style, I don’t really know what it would be classified as. I just know what I like and what I don’t like. I like colors (greens, yellows, pinks, and purples are my faves. Don’t like reds and oranges). I like homemade touches. I like things with a vintage feel, as though there is a history to them. I like to piece together rooms, rather than buy an entire set of something. I like shabby chic. I like simple and non-cluttered (of course some might still find our house a bit cluttered! ha!). I like it when everything looks light and airy and open. And most of all, I like things CHEAP! We don’t have the big bucks to spend on furniture and decor (even if we did, I doubt that we’d buy fancy, expensive items), and I have fun hunting down a bargain.

On to Georgia’s room – for both girls I tend to be drawn towards more of an old-timey, vintage style. If that’s what you’d call it. No modern, sassy, girl-power looks for my girls. Instead, I think of words like “sweet”, “innocent”, “timeless”, “soft”, and “feminine”. Those are the emotions I want to feel (and hope they feel too) in their rooms, if that makes any sense. I want to one day look back at a picture of their rooms and not feel like it screamed 2011. So onto Georgia’s little nursery…..

First off, this is what the room looked like before i got my peptobismol paintbrush involved.  I think it was just a spare room for the previous owners b/c they only had 1 kid at the time and didn’t really need to use it too much.  sorry the picture quality is bad.  i actually never took any “before” pics of the house, but i stole these from the MLS on the internet when it was listed. shhhhh!!! don’t tell! 🙂



doesn’t get much girly-er than pink! not knowing if i’ll ever have another daughter, i decided to just be cliche and go with pink. plus Georgia seems to have such an “old soul”, if you will, and i think an antique, pink room really fits her personality. it was very hard finding the right shade of pink that didn’t look like pepto! ha ha!

the closet originally had dark bi-folds that i didn’t like, so i used this old shower curtain i had. the pattern matches perfectly to the pink and it’s much easier to open and close. plus there are some glittery pink flower hooks on top that are just glitzy enough. forgot to take a pic of them, oops!

spent $25 for her crib. worked at a consignment sale last year and workers got to shop first, and it was totally worth the 8 hour shift! bedding was just cream, which i used in bailey’s nursery b/c i wanted to reuse it for future kiddos. glad i made that choice!

dresser/changing table. wanted solid wood (made the mistake of wood composit before and learned my lesson!) and wanted it white. found this at a hodgepodge furniture/decor store called The Pink House for $125. good price for solid wood! and i think the shape is beautiful!

originally i had a wooden glider from a consignment sale and i had my friend Caroline (who sold us this house!) make cushions for it.  and it was great.  but then it died.  stopped actually rocking and literally fell apart.  boo!  so i saved up some money and splurged on this cushy thing. LOVE IT!!! got it from Walmart of all places and got free shipping to the store.  it’s super comfy and i can clean the covers and it’s just perfect!

love these things! white pom-poms i bought from Etsy for $20. fun and whimsical and they really add some pop to the room
ok, you might laugh at me for this (Amy!), but here’s the deal. i can’t sew or knit or anything like that and i wanted to do something handmade for all my children as a keepsake for them. so when Bailey was born i took all the beautiful flowers people gave me in the hospital and dried them and tore them up into pieces and hotgluedthem to an outline of her name and then framed it. it is super time-consuming and very tedious, but i love the result. so of course i had to do one for Georgia. this project alone will stop me from every giving future kids a name with more than 7 letters! ha ha!

$10 coat rack from The Pink House

my friend Kelly made this. so special and so cute!!! i will always treasure it (and hope GA does too one day!)

picture wall- love how i can rotate pics easily. look how many people love her! she’s so lucky 🙂
pictures my mom bought for GA (from Tues. Mornings i think??).  she said they remind her of our prissy little girl and i totally agree! and i think the colors and frames go perfectly w/her room!
cute little frame that’s appropriately next to her closet. $5 from The Pink House (seriously- if you ever come to Ashevilleand like cheap and shabby chic, you gotta stop there!)

changing table stuff. and usually some wipes are there too, but i removed them for the pic
framed hymn. bought when i was pregnant and i loved reading it often. thinking of God creating new life in my belly and all across the world is just so hopeful to me….

these booties were a gift and they are from an organization that helps African women sell them in order to make a living for their families. just beautiful

didn’t have a footprint/handprintkit like i did when Bailey was born, so instead i just used a pink stamp pad on some thick parchment paper and glued it to this pretty frame. of course i didn’t get around to it till GA was 6 months old! her hands and feet were much smaller when she was born, i promise! 🙂

the verse we picked out for her so one of the cute quirks about our house (built in the early 70’s) is that each of the 3 bedrooms has this plaster ceiling and the builders must have felt really creative on the days they did the ceilings b/c each one has a different pattern on it. it’s pretty cool! GA’s is the “Rainbow” room. B’s is the flower room, and our is the wave room. i’ll post all the ceiling pics when i do the other rooms. really neat i think.
finally- one of my favorite things about her room is that when you look out the window there is a HUGE, beautiful magnolia tree. so Southern for my Southern girl!
So that’s it for the grand tour of Ms. Georgia’s room. Of course, how could i have a post and not include pics of the darling herself? Here is GA actually enjoying her room….
she loves the feel of this shag rug. bailey loves it too and always rolls around naked on it after a bath. ha!

thinking deep thoughts in her crib

chillin on the changing table
Finally, I just want to say that as much fun as I have decorating and painting our house, I really just feel super blessed to even have a home, a place to stay warm and rest our heads and keep us safe. I realize it’s a luxury that many do not have. And being able to paint and have fun with it is just icing on the cake. We are so blessed and fortunate and I thank God every day for providing for us!
P.S. – I know some people think it’s rude to talk about the prices of things, and while I sometimes agree with that, I did include them on this post just to give encouragement that there are good deals out there to find! I know I get ideas from other people and I just wanted to share. 🙂