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Our little Georgia Wren


Before showing all the bday pics from GA’s 2nd bday, I wanted to just share a few of my favorite pics of my favorite 2nd born.  When she was came into this world and we found out it was another girl, there was a big part of me that was expecting her to be a little mini-Bailey.  Bailey 2.0 if you will 🙂  I mean, she comes from the same parents and is another girl, so they should be similar in looks and personality, right??? Ha! How wrong was I!

Georgie is my spunky little blue eyed, blonde hair (mini-Steve!) princess! Not that she’s spoiled or super-girly, but she just has a way about her with wanting everything to be “just so”.  Very unlike Bailey who is go-with-the-flow, easy peasy.  GG already likes to pick out her own clothes, usually involving cowboy boots.  Usually I don’t care unless it’s a summer dress in cold weather (a battle we’ve been having here lately).  Unlike my quiet Bailey, this little one does NOT stop talking!  Chatty, chatty, chatty!  And she says these perfectly correct sentences that are so long that they just don’t seem right coming out of that tiny body.  GG is a smarty pants who seemed to learn her ABC, numbers, and potty train herself overnight right around the 20 month mark.  I don’t say that to brag, b/c honestly I did very little to make any of that happen- she just watches Bailey all the time and does it herself!  Can we say Little Miss Independent??  Can’t tell you how many times a day I hear, “No, I’ll do it myself!”  Well then! 🙂 GG is also a super sweetie who LOVES to hug and snuggle and we call her Cuddlebug all the the time.  Now when she wants a lot of lovin’, she climbs in our laps and says “I’m Cuddlebug” and we know that means a good 10 minutes of nothing but snuggles with her  (some of my favorite 10 mins of the day!).  She’s a bookworm who loves reading soooooo much!  With me or Steve reading to her, or her just grabbing a pile and gabbing to herself as she flips through the pages…..either way she’s happy.  GG is also a goofball with all her faces.  She has perfected the mean/mad face (even though she’s not really mad), where she draws her eyebrows down and scowls like the devil.  It’s called her “GG Puff-n-Stuff” face – her newest nickname.  She also is good at sticking out her lips for her “Duck Face”…….a personal favorite of mine.  GG loves her big sister and wants to do everything she does and be everywhere she goes (except on the schoolbus……..when I asked her one morning while waving bye to Bailey on the bus if she wanted to get on the bus too, she answered me saying, “No, I’m too little”.  ha ha!).

So that’s our little Georgie, GG, GG Puff-n-Stuff, Baby Wren, Georgia Wren in a nutshell.  I remember being pregnant with her and wondering how in the world I’d ever love someone as much as I loved Bailey.  Looking back, that was such an impossible path for my heart to take……life would not be complete or make sense without Georgia in our lives and she owns our hearts completely, 100%, just like her big sister.  We are so thankful to have her in our family…….a silly, sweet, crazy addition for sure! 🙂  So here are some of my favorite pics of little GG.  Hope you enjoy them as much as me! 🙂

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Georgia’s 2nd Birthday Bash!


So yeah.  It’s 4 months past the fact, but gosh dang it I AM going to share my little GG’s 2nd birthday!  Super late procrastinating mom – that is me. 🙂  Oh well!  Georgia’s birthday was so, so  special to me this year b/c unlike last year, she had family around her.  My mom and dad, Grandmom, brother, sister-in-law, and the cutest nephew in the world were all able to make the trek to NC and celebrate our little Georgia with us.

And it was such a fun, relaxing weekend!  My Grandmom was so nice and brought up some delicious Wallace BBQ from Powder Springs…….mmmmmmm…….. We just had a cookout in the backyard and let the cousins play together and hang out and catch up.  Our good friends Amy and Shane were able to come too with their sweet girls, Ruby and Amelia, who feel like sisters to our girls.  After we did the whole eat, cake, presents, playtime thing, we decided to load up the cars and take my family to the Biltmore House.  Steve surprised me for Mother’s Day this year w/a season pass (best money ever spent!!!) and after 5:00 you get to take guests onto the grounds for free in the summer. Not the house, but that’s ok b/c there’s plenty to do on the bajillion acre park……petting farm, winery, outdoor music, trails, waterfall, gardens.  It’s just so beautiful and fun! If you come to visit Asheville, you seriously must go – it’s pricey, but totally worth every penny I think!

Ok, so enough yapping- here are pics from GG’s fun day!

 yep, she’s a bit of dare devil on the swingset like her big sis

Hunter!!!! That smile! Those eyes!!!! He melts my heart into a puddle every single time!

Bailey and Ruby – the “mean sister gang”……funny joke they do.  but seriously they are little BFFs

 after the present craziness!

my parents.  like fine wine……they just get better with age 🙂

 still wearing the cute pigtail buns i made for her

 and now she took them out and my normal little Albert Einstein baby appears

 two good looking Morris men 🙂

 our gift to GA was a little bubble lawn mower.  didn’t take her long to get to work

 love this picture!

 and this one too!

Ruby loves some corn apparently! ha!

 my parents got GA a little picnic table for her bday and we LOVE it and the girls use it all the time! we’ve since painted it pink and it gets sooooo much use!

 Stacy showing Hunter how it’s done

 i think he learned 🙂

me and my “baby”. don’t we look so much alike?? 😛  

Paw paw and his 3 favorite little people 

Uncle Kyle!

at the petting farm.  is it sad the girls know the horses by name?? (Bert and Cooper btw -ha!)

 mmmmm……tasty wine at the winery

 beautiful ending to a beautiful day……..moon rising over the mountains

Preschool Bonanza


Ok, so it’s over a week late, but I’ve finally got pics of Bailey’s preschool graduation to share!  (And since GA turned 2 a couple of days ago, it’s safe to assume she’ll be about 5 by the time I get her bday pics up!)  Anyways.  The graduation program was so cute and so fun!  We had been hearing bits and pieces of the songs she was going to sing for the past month (especially “Jacob’s Ladder”, her favorite), so it was good to actually hear them all put together with all the words and verses.  I didn’t know all the songs myself so when I heard them perform it was like, “Oh! That’s what she’s been singing!”.

At first they stayed in their normal clothes (I dressed her up a bit and I think she looks sooooooo pretty in her dress!) and did their show.  Sang songs like “This Little Light of Mine”, “Jacob’s Ladder”, “My Father’s House”, and a few more.  They all prayed and recited the Lord’s Prayer together.  Then they each had to say one of the 10 commandments.  Bailey’s was “Always tell the truth”.  Glad she got that one b/c it’s something we are working on w/her!  (Oh yes, I believe that Georgia was the one who spelled “CAT” on the wall in crayon. NOT!) They also did a little bell performance which Bailey rocked out on and had the giddiest smile on her face the whole time she was shaking that bell.  And finally at the end, they walked off stage with their teacher, Ms. Kelly, asking them what they wanted to be when they grew up.  Bailey was last and she said “Airplane Driver” which cracked everyone up.

Finally, after a few minutes they walked back down the aisle in their cute little caps and gowns.  I thought I might get all teary eyed, but no.  It was just so dang adorable I couldn’t stop smiling.  And with Bailey being so short (shortest in her class!) and the gown so long, she actually tripped on it and fell going up the stairs of the stage.  Ha ha!  But she got right back up and grabbed her little diploma certificate w/the rest of them. It was a good night and looking back I am SOOOOO glad we put her in preschool.  It was a tough decision for us b/c of her being one of the youngest in her class w/her birthday and with some of her speech issues.  But it helped her speech tremendously and she just loved it and learned so much and has all these little friends now. It was great!  So here are some of Bailey’s preschool pics:

here she is on the first day of preschool and the last day.  not the hugest difference physically, but that’s ok by me! she can be my little girl forever! 🙂

of course someone else had to jump in the shot too

right before the program began, w/all her little friends. this class had 12 girls and only 3 boys!

singing “This Little Light of Mine”

GG was good at waiting for her sister’s performance

cap and gown!

already being silly w/the boys.  this better not be the preschool version of flirting!!!

every kid needs their face on a popsicle stick at some point in their lives 😛

oh my goodness! at the end, she was SO goofy and riled up! couldn’t hardly get a straight pic from her! haha!

b and her friend Sophie

attacking sister w/kisses. i think GG was trying to make her own silly face after watching bailey do it so much

love this pic!

still crazy girl

figured i share some of the other preschool pics from the year.  here’s her halloween party. she’s the little green tinkerbell in the middle

ha ha!

their big end of the year field trip was to the local Nature Center that is like a mini-zoo w/tons of animals and trails.  here they are petting a sheep or some wooly beast of an animal.  of course my favorite is the wild beast Georgia who’s aimlessly wandering off on the right w/her wild Einstein hair! cracks me up!

oh hello little bobcat.  you look like such a sweet overgrown kitty.  can we take you home???

they had this slide area that of course GA had to follow all the big kids on (they would slide down about 3 times before she even got to the top for one go of it, but that didn’t stop her)

a little faster than she expected

and it totally threw her out and flopped her face down on the ground.  can’t believe i got this crazy action shot of it.  but she got right back up and wanted to do it again.  of course.

Bailey’s teacher Ms. Kelly.  totally love her! greatest heart for kids and i hope she’s still there when it’s GA’s turn to go!

Please slow down


Ugh.  Yesterday  before I took the girls outside to play for a while, I decided to pull Georgia’s hair up into a ponytail to get it out of her eyes a bit.  Although she does rock with her usual wild Albert Einstein do.    And, I don’t know.  Just that simple change with her hair all of a sudden made me step back and look.  Really, really look.  At how incredibly big my baby girl is getting.  Seriously, I know I say it all the time, but didn’t I just have her last week???  Where have all the days gone???

I think the upcoming next couple of weeks is making me more sentimental than normal.  GA turns 2 in less than 2 weeks!  Yes! Less than 2 weeks!  She’s ready.  My sassy little independent fireball is totally ready.  My momma’s heart? Not so much.  And then tonight big sister Bailey graduates from preschool!  I think it’s that word……graduate.  It’s like they just want all the moms to become blubbering messes in the audience as we envision this little preschool graduation quickly morphing into a high school graduation in about 3.4 seconds. I mean- they put them in caps and gowns and everything.  Ahhhhhhhh!!!! Yep.  My momma’s heart is most definitely not ready for that one.  And of course the inevitable next step of kindergarten.  Oh geez!  My Bailey girl going to elementary school??? Really?!!??

To be honest, this is probably what I struggle with most as a mom.  Not breastfeeding issues.  Not discipline issues.  Not comparing myself to other mom issues.  None of the usual things that plague the headlines about moms.  But rather this feeling of trying so desperately hard to enjoy each little moment.  To make sure I’m fully present in their lives.  To make sure I’m remembering all their joys and heartaches and milestones.  And of course feeling like no matter how hard I try, it does no good.  They grow up.  So, so quickly.  It’s like trying to hold water in my hands. No matter how tightly I cup my fingers, it’s going to leak out.  And I know this is all part of it. And it’s all good.   And it’s fun to watch them sprout up and become their own little people. And I’m trying to be ok with the growing and changes and the moving forward.   But it kind of hurts too.  I sometimes wish life was like that awful Adam Sandler movie “Click”, where I could just hit pause and keep them at this sweet little age for just a little longer.

Oh well.  Part of being a parent I guess.  And when I do get kind of bogged down in the speediness of time and childhood, I do try to take a breath and step back and realize I don’t need to look at all this from a worldly perspective.  But rather from an eternal one.  And truly…..thank God for Heaven.  Pretty sure I’d be a depressed nutball without the hope of heaven! 🙂  Or at least a mama that does little more than cry every time my child learns a new word or goes potty for the first time. ha! yeah…..that sounds like fun.

Anyways.  Enough sappy rambling.  Here’s the good stuff… of my cute girls.  It’s definitely a heavy GA picture post, but Bailey kept running off.  But don’t you worry- lots of fun graduation (sniff, sniff) pics of her to share soon!

seriously- the expressions this girl makes. so crazy

this is GA doing her “crazy” eyes where she rolls them all the way to the side and looks like some wacky SNL character Kristen Wig would play

this is what she does when you say “where’s your teeth??”

B is seriously the kindest, sweetest big sis who LOVES GA! this pic makes me so happy

yes, my kid eats sand

Alrighty girls……let’s slow this growing thing down just a bit, ok?  🙂

Be still my ex-English teacher’s heart…..


Yesterday I was cleaning the kitchen (a rare feat, i know!), and I noticed it was strangely quiet in the house.  Bailey was still taking a nap, but her usually louder (MUCH louder) little sister was awake and making zero noise.  Uh-oh.  I was a little nervous when I started searching her out, wondering which wall she was coloring on or which of my books she was ripping to shreds.  But lo and behold, little GG was all cozy up in her room, reading books to herself.  ahhhhhhhh!!!! My heart melted.  I grabbed my camera to catch it all.

This girl is such a sweetie.  And dang does she love books! It’s her favorite thing- to just grab a pile, come sit on me or Steve’s lap, and read and read and read.  She never gets bored (although I sometimes do – can only read “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see?” so many times! ha!) and will sit for a good 1/2 hour to 45 mins completely enthralled.  And though I do need to get some new books for us, I truly enjoy evert second of it!  Rubbing her soft blonde hair, listening to her mimic the words in her tiny toddler voice, watching her point to all the pictures- it really is the best! Seriously- these days are so, so precious!

p.s. – watching the video I notice how I really over-enunciate things.  Bailey is in speech therapy and the teacher told me to do that for certain sounds she was having trouble with (c’s and k’s and s’s), just so she could get use to how they are suppose to sound.  didn’t realize i do it even w/GA! ha!

Filling in for me….


Sorry I’ve been so quiet in blogland these last few weeks.  House renovations.  Sick kids. Busy work schedule. Visiting guests.  All very, very good!  (Hope to share new house pics soon! The changes are so awesome and we feel so lucky!)  But anyways.  While I’m away from the blog, I’ve got someone who’s got lots to say filling in for me.  She’s a bit like Bernard from Old School….. “not a talker, not a talker.”  ha! (btw- if you have never seen that movie, we can’t be friends. just saying. 🙂 )