Gettin’ my political on…..


Much to the chagrin of my in-laws, I am sooooo not an uber-political person.   I mean I vote and I think it’s important to inform yourself and make a smart decision based on your mind, heart, and values.  But at the end of the day I’m never going to put my faith in any one human being’s ability to “fix” the world.  Not being a pessimist here, just someone who believes this world is forever broken, and no one can make it the utopian society we all dream of.  Nope.  I believe that desire we have is only fulfilled in the next life.  Not to say we should give up and never do anything good in the world- hardly!  But my faith will ultimately always be on the man who hung on the cross, not a man behind a podium.

But with all that said, I did have a political Thursday night this past week. Romney was in town giving a rally and so we decided to go.  I’ve never been to anything really political, so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was happily surprised at how calm, polite, and respectful everyone was.  Sure there was a small group of Obama supporters, but they just chanted a bit and waved their signs, and it never really got out of hand on either side.  Though at the end there was business suit clad conservative yelling back and forth with a dred lock liberal hippy chic.  They both looked ridiculous and no matter what points either was saying, I can’t imagine how anyone would have changed their mind based on their words.  But other than that, the night was smooth sailing.

We took the girls and met up with a friend and his daughter, then hit Moe’s Grill at the end.  I’m still dreaming about that fish taco…..

Ok, back on track.  So here are the pics from the night.  At first we were in the overflow building b/c they ran out of seats where Romney was really speaking.  We were bummed b/c we wanted to see him, not just a video of him.  But then he came over to our building and it turned out to be great b/c it wasn’t packed, so we moved up to the balcony section right over him and then we could get really close and see him.  Only 20-30 feet away or so.  Gotta say- Romney ain’t too shabby looking 🙂  Seriously- if I was casting “Independence Day 2”,  he would totally be on the top of my list of people to play the “presidential” part.  It was kind of comical just how president-looking he was!  Not that that is why I’m voting for him……ha!  Just saying.  Ok, on to pics for real!  And sorry about the bad quality- had my crappy point-n-shoot instead of my good camera.  Boo!

 the line to get into the auditorium

the Obama supporters

 our first seats till we learned he was coming in and we moved to the front

  the girls just loved all the clapping going on


future president??


So that’s about as political as I’ll probably ever get.  Gotta say- I just got back on FB and two things- #1 is that I love that half my friends are Romney supporters and the other half are Obama supporters.  I never can understand why some people care so much about things that they wouldn’t be friends w/someone from the opposite political spectrum.  #2 – Really hate the negative political talk on FB.  Have an opinion- great – but don’t share it in an ugly, belittling, better-than-thou-, self-righteous way.  Seriously- does that ever win anyone over to your side?  And if you’re doing that and claim to love Jesus all at the same time?  Wow.  Just spew your political hatred and leave God out of it if you can 🙂  Ok.  done w/my rant for now! 🙂


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