Our little Georgia Wren


Before showing all the bday pics from GA’s 2nd bday, I wanted to just share a few of my favorite pics of my favorite 2nd born.  When she was came into this world and we found out it was another girl, there was a big part of me that was expecting her to be a little mini-Bailey.  Bailey 2.0 if you will 🙂  I mean, she comes from the same parents and is another girl, so they should be similar in looks and personality, right??? Ha! How wrong was I!

Georgie is my spunky little blue eyed, blonde hair (mini-Steve!) princess! Not that she’s spoiled or super-girly, but she just has a way about her with wanting everything to be “just so”.  Very unlike Bailey who is go-with-the-flow, easy peasy.  GG already likes to pick out her own clothes, usually involving cowboy boots.  Usually I don’t care unless it’s a summer dress in cold weather (a battle we’ve been having here lately).  Unlike my quiet Bailey, this little one does NOT stop talking!  Chatty, chatty, chatty!  And she says these perfectly correct sentences that are so long that they just don’t seem right coming out of that tiny body.  GG is a smarty pants who seemed to learn her ABC, numbers, and potty train herself overnight right around the 20 month mark.  I don’t say that to brag, b/c honestly I did very little to make any of that happen- she just watches Bailey all the time and does it herself!  Can we say Little Miss Independent??  Can’t tell you how many times a day I hear, “No, I’ll do it myself!”  Well then! 🙂 GG is also a super sweetie who LOVES to hug and snuggle and we call her Cuddlebug all the the time.  Now when she wants a lot of lovin’, she climbs in our laps and says “I’m Cuddlebug” and we know that means a good 10 minutes of nothing but snuggles with her  (some of my favorite 10 mins of the day!).  She’s a bookworm who loves reading soooooo much!  With me or Steve reading to her, or her just grabbing a pile and gabbing to herself as she flips through the pages…..either way she’s happy.  GG is also a goofball with all her faces.  She has perfected the mean/mad face (even though she’s not really mad), where she draws her eyebrows down and scowls like the devil.  It’s called her “GG Puff-n-Stuff” face – her newest nickname.  She also is good at sticking out her lips for her “Duck Face”…….a personal favorite of mine.  GG loves her big sister and wants to do everything she does and be everywhere she goes (except on the schoolbus……..when I asked her one morning while waving bye to Bailey on the bus if she wanted to get on the bus too, she answered me saying, “No, I’m too little”.  ha ha!).

So that’s our little Georgie, GG, GG Puff-n-Stuff, Baby Wren, Georgia Wren in a nutshell.  I remember being pregnant with her and wondering how in the world I’d ever love someone as much as I loved Bailey.  Looking back, that was such an impossible path for my heart to take……life would not be complete or make sense without Georgia in our lives and she owns our hearts completely, 100%, just like her big sister.  We are so thankful to have her in our family…….a silly, sweet, crazy addition for sure! 🙂  So here are some of my favorite pics of little GG.  Hope you enjoy them as much as me! 🙂

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