Georgia’s 2nd Birthday Bash!


So yeah.  It’s 4 months past the fact, but gosh dang it I AM going to share my little GG’s 2nd birthday!  Super late procrastinating mom – that is me. 🙂  Oh well!  Georgia’s birthday was so, so  special to me this year b/c unlike last year, she had family around her.  My mom and dad, Grandmom, brother, sister-in-law, and the cutest nephew in the world were all able to make the trek to NC and celebrate our little Georgia with us.

And it was such a fun, relaxing weekend!  My Grandmom was so nice and brought up some delicious Wallace BBQ from Powder Springs…….mmmmmmm…….. We just had a cookout in the backyard and let the cousins play together and hang out and catch up.  Our good friends Amy and Shane were able to come too with their sweet girls, Ruby and Amelia, who feel like sisters to our girls.  After we did the whole eat, cake, presents, playtime thing, we decided to load up the cars and take my family to the Biltmore House.  Steve surprised me for Mother’s Day this year w/a season pass (best money ever spent!!!) and after 5:00 you get to take guests onto the grounds for free in the summer. Not the house, but that’s ok b/c there’s plenty to do on the bajillion acre park……petting farm, winery, outdoor music, trails, waterfall, gardens.  It’s just so beautiful and fun! If you come to visit Asheville, you seriously must go – it’s pricey, but totally worth every penny I think!

Ok, so enough yapping- here are pics from GG’s fun day!

 yep, she’s a bit of dare devil on the swingset like her big sis

Hunter!!!! That smile! Those eyes!!!! He melts my heart into a puddle every single time!

Bailey and Ruby – the “mean sister gang”……funny joke they do.  but seriously they are little BFFs

 after the present craziness!

my parents.  like fine wine……they just get better with age 🙂

 still wearing the cute pigtail buns i made for her

 and now she took them out and my normal little Albert Einstein baby appears

 two good looking Morris men 🙂

 our gift to GA was a little bubble lawn mower.  didn’t take her long to get to work

 love this picture!

 and this one too!

Ruby loves some corn apparently! ha!

 my parents got GA a little picnic table for her bday and we LOVE it and the girls use it all the time! we’ve since painted it pink and it gets sooooo much use!

 Stacy showing Hunter how it’s done

 i think he learned 🙂

me and my “baby”. don’t we look so much alike?? 😛  

Paw paw and his 3 favorite little people 

Uncle Kyle!

at the petting farm.  is it sad the girls know the horses by name?? (Bert and Cooper btw -ha!)

 mmmmm……tasty wine at the winery

 beautiful ending to a beautiful day……..moon rising over the mountains


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  1. Cute pictures! I love the one of your mom sitting on your dad’s lap, so sweet. And how in the world are our “babies” 2 already?! Time isn’t fair sometimes. Sigh.

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