Big Day!


First, off I want to say thank-you to those who read the last post and sent kind comments and emails.  It really meant so much to me! That’s what seems to help most when you go through something like that; you don’t want to dwell on it or draw much attention to yourself or cry forever and ever, but just to have a friend acknowledge your pain, say sorry, and feel their support……the smallest gesture makes the biggest difference! My heart thanks you 🙂

So on a totally different note, today is a big day for our family.

First off my Grandmom, who is turning 81 next week, is having a triple bypass open heart surgery today.  My Grandmom is pretty much the most awesome senior citizen on the planet, at least to my family she is!  I grew up with her living right next door to me through the woods and so to say we are close is a huge understatement.  She and I have never had that distant grandparent relationship that sometimes occurs when grandparents live really far away or maybe if they act older than their age or have health problems or anything like that.  She has always felt like a second mom to me – someone I could talk to about anything.  And I mean anything! 🙂

So to have her go through this surgery is a big deal.  She’s had a rough year – went from being completely independent, driving everywhere, and living on her own to losing her license and having to move into an assisted living home.  Then just when we thought she was getting settled into her new home and her health was improving, she had a heart attack this past weekend.  A setback for sure.  But she is an amazing lady of faith and we all have no doubt that God is taking good care of her.  My Grandmom is one who has always been the person taking care of others, never needing help herself.  And with this experience she has been overwhelmed with the amount of love and support she’s gotten since entering the hospital a few days ago.  For someone who is not used to getting all this type of attention, she told my mom that she just “couldn’t take it anymore.”  And when my mom asked take what anymore?, she responded and said, “All this love”.  That makes my heart so glad!  I mean we do love my Grandmom and shower her w/affection all the time, but when something like this happens, and people come out of the woodwork to show up and give support, it just reminds her of how special and beautiful and loved she is.  I think this heart surgery is going to heal her heart in more ways than one!

visiting Grandmom about 3 weeks ago in her new crib 🙂

oh she’s got my heart!

Secondly, our big, recently 5 year old Bailey girl is starting kindergarten today!  Good grief I could write about this event forever! ha!  But I’ll spare you my long-winded words.  Suffice it to say she is excited, her teacher is crazy awesome (a Powder Springs native who grew up with my parents and moved to NC a while back!! how cool is that???), and we are dealing with the bittersweet joy of watching our baby grow up.  Here are a few pictures of her this morning – could she be any cuter?!!??

 she’s got my heart too!!!

right in front of her school……tried to use some mad iphoto skills and blur out the school name. looks funky  

her sweet teachers! of course anyone hailing from Powder Springs must be pretty awesome 🙂

Finally, today is also a big day because our house is officially on the market! Woo-hoo!  We LOVE this house and have enjoyed making it our own over the past two years.  However, with the thought of having a new baby one day (hopefully) and with all the out of town guests we have, we decided a slightly bigger home would fit our lifestyle better.  Nothing too big though! We like it small, cozy, and manageable. (Plus I’m a lazy house cleaner and I love that this little ranch can be scrubbed top to bottom in under 2 hours tops! ha!).

Now the question is, where are we going to move??? That question has been haunting us for the past few months.  In one big way we thought about moving back to Georgia.  Not that we don’t love it here, b/c we absolutely do, but just because with the stuff going on with my grandmother and other family issues, we thought it might be best to move back and be closer to family.  But after TONS of praying, crying, arguing with God, and talking it over with any person with a pulse (not kidding), we just know that deep down, in our heart of hearts, North Carolina is our home.  At least for the foreseeable future (don’t want to give any sort of timeline b/c you never know with us! 🙂 ).  These blue misty mountains have captured our souls and we deeply love and feel knitted into the community we are surrounded by – our church, the schools, the city, my Hope House girls, our doctors, our neighbors, and our friends.  Every little thing (besides missing our family and GA friends), points us to settling here.  So here we are staying.

In one way it’s a hard pill for me to swallow because I never ever would have imagined raising my kids in a place that wasn’t right near my parents.  Hello! I’m used to a 5 minute walk to my grandparents house –  a 4 hour drive was not the picture of the life I had designed in my head.  But I am learning more and more to let go of my expectations, my control and plans, and truly let God take the reins.  More often than not He leads me down paths I never would have stepped foot onto on my own (finding and marrying Steve at such a young age! having babies so early in marriage! moving to NC!).  And that’s scary in so many ways.  But I’m learning how He never leads me astray.  Rather, He takes me on more exciting, fun, and fulfilling adventures than I could have planned for myself.  And they are all ones that are often more “difficult” in the logical, worldly sense.  But they stretch me, challenge me, and force me to rely on God more than if I’d of played it safe.  And for that I’m content and thankful – getting closer to God’s heart is my ultimate goal in life and I’m starting to embrace anything that makes that happen, even if it’s difficult.

So that’s all that.  Big day, August 16th, but all good stuff.  Going down to see Grandmom tonight and I so look forward to seeing her face and to see her on the road to recovery and feeling better.  And of course I can’t wait to see a certain little 5 year old get off that big yellow bus today.  Ahhhhhhh!!!!! It’s happening all too fast! 🙂


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