Three of a kind


There are about a million things I love about my husband.  Towards the top of the list is his fierce independent streak, his love of dancing to the beat of his own drum.  No matter how off-beat that drum is. 🙂  Well a new thing he’s got going on is that he’s not cutting his hair for an entire year.  Yes.  One full year.  He is on month ten.  Even though it might not be my favorite look on him, gotta respect him for holding his own no matter how much I’ve nagged lovingly asked him to cut it.  But in all honestly, the amount of laughs it’s provided us over the last few months is pretty awesome.  I sometimes catch him playing with his long locks (that’s what I call them) and then make fun of him and then he does it more, like he’s in some dang Pantene ProV commercial, and we both just laugh our heads off.

Well the girls’ hair is also getting kind of long.  And I can’t STAND it when it’s in their eyes.  So lately I’ve really tried putting these little clips in them to swoop the strands out of the way.  The other night at dinner I looked around.  Bailey’s blonde locks were swooped with a Dora barrett, GA’s blonde locks were swooped with a Dora barrett,……..hmmmmmmm…….something was missing.

Thank goodness Steve is such a good sport.  He even let me put a pink one on him! I couldn’t stop laughing at this!  My crazy long locked, pink Dora barrett wearing manly mountain man of a hubby.  Gotta love ’em! 🙂


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  1. Oh my goodness, he is such a good sport! Reminds me of when I was in the hospital having Josie, and my dad was watching Laura (age 6 at the time) for the day. I guess they ran out of stuff to do, and she asked if she could paint his toenails, and he let her do it! He had electric blue toes for a LONG time afterwards, as my mom refused to tell him where they kept the nail polish remover. 😉

  2. I’ve got to get back to your email, but first, I LOVE this! It won’t be long before he’s painting there nails and maybe even his. 🙂 I must say, I like the longer hair on your mountain man, it suits him well.

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