Please slow down


Ugh.  Yesterday  before I took the girls outside to play for a while, I decided to pull Georgia’s hair up into a ponytail to get it out of her eyes a bit.  Although she does rock with her usual wild Albert Einstein do.    And, I don’t know.  Just that simple change with her hair all of a sudden made me step back and look.  Really, really look.  At how incredibly big my baby girl is getting.  Seriously, I know I say it all the time, but didn’t I just have her last week???  Where have all the days gone???

I think the upcoming next couple of weeks is making me more sentimental than normal.  GA turns 2 in less than 2 weeks!  Yes! Less than 2 weeks!  She’s ready.  My sassy little independent fireball is totally ready.  My momma’s heart? Not so much.  And then tonight big sister Bailey graduates from preschool!  I think it’s that word……graduate.  It’s like they just want all the moms to become blubbering messes in the audience as we envision this little preschool graduation quickly morphing into a high school graduation in about 3.4 seconds. I mean- they put them in caps and gowns and everything.  Ahhhhhhhh!!!! Yep.  My momma’s heart is most definitely not ready for that one.  And of course the inevitable next step of kindergarten.  Oh geez!  My Bailey girl going to elementary school??? Really?!!??

To be honest, this is probably what I struggle with most as a mom.  Not breastfeeding issues.  Not discipline issues.  Not comparing myself to other mom issues.  None of the usual things that plague the headlines about moms.  But rather this feeling of trying so desperately hard to enjoy each little moment.  To make sure I’m fully present in their lives.  To make sure I’m remembering all their joys and heartaches and milestones.  And of course feeling like no matter how hard I try, it does no good.  They grow up.  So, so quickly.  It’s like trying to hold water in my hands. No matter how tightly I cup my fingers, it’s going to leak out.  And I know this is all part of it. And it’s all good.   And it’s fun to watch them sprout up and become their own little people. And I’m trying to be ok with the growing and changes and the moving forward.   But it kind of hurts too.  I sometimes wish life was like that awful Adam Sandler movie “Click”, where I could just hit pause and keep them at this sweet little age for just a little longer.

Oh well.  Part of being a parent I guess.  And when I do get kind of bogged down in the speediness of time and childhood, I do try to take a breath and step back and realize I don’t need to look at all this from a worldly perspective.  But rather from an eternal one.  And truly…..thank God for Heaven.  Pretty sure I’d be a depressed nutball without the hope of heaven! 🙂  Or at least a mama that does little more than cry every time my child learns a new word or goes potty for the first time. ha! yeah…..that sounds like fun.

Anyways.  Enough sappy rambling.  Here’s the good stuff… of my cute girls.  It’s definitely a heavy GA picture post, but Bailey kept running off.  But don’t you worry- lots of fun graduation (sniff, sniff) pics of her to share soon!

seriously- the expressions this girl makes. so crazy

this is GA doing her “crazy” eyes where she rolls them all the way to the side and looks like some wacky SNL character Kristen Wig would play

this is what she does when you say “where’s your teeth??”

B is seriously the kindest, sweetest big sis who LOVES GA! this pic makes me so happy

yes, my kid eats sand

Alrighty girls……let’s slow this growing thing down just a bit, ok?  🙂


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  1. Love, love, love, love, love this one. Did I mention that I love this? Just checking. Those pics of her on the swing, and the two of them in the sandbox? Love them. Lots of love for you and your sweet babies. Seriously, though–two!? 🙂 How did that happen?

    • i don’t know how if happened! if you figure it out, clue me in! i feel like it was a week ago you and i were standing in your kitchen w/warm bread in the air and our bellies popping out. goes so fast…..sigh…..

  2. Didn’t you just get married? Didn’t we just have class in your living room? I feel like I could wake up tomorrow in Georgia and walk straight into class at KSU and see all of you sitting ’round the tables in Dr. Levy’s class, laughing at something crazy Lizzie said. It would feel like no time had passed at all.

    • ahhhhhh! all those good MAT memories. miss it and makes me so sad we’re all scattered now….. 😦 i think a certain wedding would be a perfect reunion of sorts! 🙂

  3. These pictures bring such joy to my heart. These two girls have so much love & laughter in their spirits, with a little pinch of mischievousness (which is the way it should be)!

  4. I didn’t think it was possible but those girls are getting prettier and prettier! Georgia looks like such a big girl with her pony tail:) They are growing up so sweetly and TOO QUICKLY!!

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