Be still my ex-English teacher’s heart…..


Yesterday I was cleaning the kitchen (a rare feat, i know!), and I noticed it was strangely quiet in the house.  Bailey was still taking a nap, but her usually louder (MUCH louder) little sister was awake and making zero noise.  Uh-oh.  I was a little nervous when I started searching her out, wondering which wall she was coloring on or which of my books she was ripping to shreds.  But lo and behold, little GG was all cozy up in her room, reading books to herself.  ahhhhhhhh!!!! My heart melted.  I grabbed my camera to catch it all.

This girl is such a sweetie.  And dang does she love books! It’s her favorite thing- to just grab a pile, come sit on me or Steve’s lap, and read and read and read.  She never gets bored (although I sometimes do – can only read “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see?” so many times! ha!) and will sit for a good 1/2 hour to 45 mins completely enthralled.  And though I do need to get some new books for us, I truly enjoy evert second of it!  Rubbing her soft blonde hair, listening to her mimic the words in her tiny toddler voice, watching her point to all the pictures- it really is the best! Seriously- these days are so, so precious!

p.s. – watching the video I notice how I really over-enunciate things.  Bailey is in speech therapy and the teacher told me to do that for certain sounds she was having trouble with (c’s and k’s and s’s), just so she could get use to how they are suppose to sound.  didn’t realize i do it even w/GA! ha!


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  1. She is such a sweetie and I can’t believe how much she is changing from day to day. She looks older since we saw her 3 weeks ago. Love my Monty girls! All three of them!

  2. She is so beautiful and so sweet! And when she looks up at you to say “Love you Mama” Oh that has got to be the BEST feeling in the world. By the way I got a message on my answering machine from this little girl, it is so funny. I guess it was her that called me after all. I saved it for you. She is having quite the conversation:)

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