Georgia visit


So after Christmas we did venture down to see my parents for a few days.  This was different for us too b/c usually when we go down there I try to squeeze in as many visits with as many friends as possible.  And while I love seeing everyone, it can end up making our time w/family very small and we end up just feeling rushed and driving around from here to there.  So for this trip, we really tried to make it just about good quality time with family.  It was also great b/c my brother Kyle and sister-in-law Stacy and our super cute nephew Hunter were also there.  It was the first time in a whole year that our entire family was together and so that was awesome!  Even though I love, love, love living here in Asheville, the one horrible thing about it is being away from all our family.  So these moments together are so precious and cherished and never, ever enough!

Grandcat and Pawpaw got B. a Tangled doll for Christmas.  she loves it!! (and i love Flynn Ryder….oh la, la!) 🙂

GA is such a funny girl! here she was trying to put on Rapunzel’s teeny tiny shoe!

and wearing sister’s underwear

love this picture! nothing lights up my Grandmom’s face like seeing her great-grandchildren.  Grandmom, Kyle, & Hunter

playing outside in the warm winter sun

i don’t know why but i just like this pic

B. had to be a baby after seeing Hunter get pushed in the swing. luckily her kind uncle obliged 🙂

carebear and slippers. what more do you need??

playing w/our cousin Jackson on his Gator

GA and cousin Harlan

typical scrunched up GA smiley face

kisses for Grandcat

kissing boys in cars will NOT be allowed come the teenage years! or kissing cousins either. this isn’t alabama!! hee hee!

the tomboy in me would LOVE it if B. decided to play soccer when she got older

all 5 great-grandkids.  all looking at the camera and smiling…..impossible! but it’s still cute nonetheless!

Daddy and GG

Pawpaw and Grandcat and their 3 grandkids

Hunter is DONE w/pictures! but his crying face is still sooooo cute!!

New Year’s Eve fondue……our yummy tradition!

The end!  Now maybe next time, i won’t wait till 2013 to share whatever’s going on w/us.  Maybe.  I’m still a procrastinator at heart 🙂


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