Filling in for me….


Sorry I’ve been so quiet in blogland these last few weeks.  House renovations.  Sick kids. Busy work schedule. Visiting guests.  All very, very good!  (Hope to share new house pics soon! The changes are so awesome and we feel so lucky!)  But anyways.  While I’m away from the blog, I’ve got someone who’s got lots to say filling in for me.  She’s a bit like Bernard from Old School….. “not a talker, not a talker.”  ha! (btw- if you have never seen that movie, we can’t be friends. just saying. 🙂 )



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  1. Oh my word at the cute!!! Love the chattering, too funny. I can’t believe that she hangs onto a ‘real’ swing so well… NO way Ben would do that yet! Amazing.

  2. Omg Renee! i could watch Georgia do this all DAY!! it’s like she totally understands you and is responding in a foreign language! hahaha She’s such a pretty blond angel 🙂

  3. Georgia is the cutest little babbling baby ever!! She is going to be such a talker!
    We FINALLY got our computer fixed, I want to respond to every post I missed but I think it would take me hours:)
    Can’t wait for house pics!!!

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