Here we go….


Along with turning 4, it’s been another big change for Bailey this year.  She has started preschool!  (mama’s heart is breaking just a little bit as I type that.).  Honestly I didn’t think I was ever going to put her in preschool.  Just love having her with me as much as possible.  (I think the fact that I worked full time the first 2  years of her life really makes me treasure and hold on to every stay-at-home-mom moment with her more than maybe I normally would have).  And I keep having this dread, this feeling that once real school starts, she’ll be gone for good.  8 hours a day away from me, then I’ll blink, she’ll be donning a cap and gown and moving away to some crazy out of state college like Alaska or something and my baby girl will be gone forever!  Ok, i know that’s kind of dramatic, but it’s how I feel sometimes.  Just like everything is happening so fast and too quickly and I just want to stop time and cherish every single moment while I can.

But of course that’s not possible.  So growing up and preschool, here we come!  She’s been looking forward to it for months (once we finally made the big decision).  And i know it’ll be good for her.  She has some speech problems and I really think this will help her tremendously.  And of course she is the most social little girl, so it’ll be fun for her!

Right now she goes 3 mornings a week and she just finished her first week and loves it!  Here she is on Monday, her first day!

 so excited!

 this is quickly becoming her “cheese” pose for the camera

 love that the bookbag is half her size! and don’t worry- i finally pulled up the straps so it fits better

 Bailey and her friend Sophia in the same class

 making a necklace that she loves to wear now. when she got home that day i asked her about her new friends.  she couldn’t remember any names, so i asked what some of the kids looked like.  she said one boy had “polka dots on his face and orange hair”. haha! i guess that must be the cute freckled, red-head next to her

The first week has been great and I haven’t been as sad as I thought I might be.  Kind of impossible when I see how happy it makes her! And something I’m loving is the one-on-one time I’m getting with Georgia.  She’s never had that and it really is special just spending some time with her!


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  1. These pixs take me back to another little girl (Renee) who loved school. I hope Bailey will always enjoy it as much as you did! She looks so grown up walking with her friend Sophia and very intense working on her necklace.

  2. There’s a peek at your future…cutie Bailey among all the boys. Good job on the ponytail.

    Now that she is in school, the years somehow get gobbled up, but I’ve always wanted to visit Alaska. Maybe you need a friend to travel with you for support.

  3. I think bailey is one of my favorite kids…and I don’t even know her in real life 🙂 I am in shock that she is 4. seriously. eden is doing preschool 3 days a week this year, too. I am so glad we started out with that…because it is all I can handle! so hard letting them leave for even just a few hours.

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