48 months old


I thought if I wrote out “48 months old” it might sound younger than 4 years old.  I was wrong.  I guess there is no escaping the fact that my little Bailey girl is growing up.  And all too quickly!  So if you could indulge this sappy mom for a moment, this is what I’ve been thinking/feeling this past month as I’ve gotten use to saying I have a 4 year old instead of a 3 year old:

You bring your tightly-wrapped little newborn home from the hospital and you are so in love.  With their tiny fingers and breast-milk breath and wispy, soft heads. With their gummy smiles and quiet breathing and balled-up little fists.  And with the knowledge that they are yours.  Somehow amidst all your flaws and mistakes, and despite the fact that you have no clue what you’re doing half the time, you and your loved one have managed to create this perfect little being together.  A mix of him and a mix of you, sprinkled with bits of grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins as well.

And your heart is busted open wide with a love that you can’t ever comprehend.  With a love that you think is the biggest kind of human love you could ever feel.

But you are wrong.

Because those little newborns begin to grow and change and learn and become their own individual person with their own unique personality.  And through it all, you find yourself falling more and more in love with them each day.  You don’t know how that’s possible- how you could ever love them more than the moment they are born – but somehow you do.  And it’s awesome.  And to me, that might be one of the best parts of parenthood- the act of falling deeper and deeper in love with your children as they blossom right in front of your eyes.

And Bailey has really blossomed this last year!  So here are 4 tidbits about my 4 year old Bailey-girl, reasons that have me falling head over heels for her every day!

  • Bailey is the most physical, outdoorsy girl ever! She amazes me with all the craziness she can do on a playground- things I see bigger kids not even attempt.  Just the other day I looked up and saw that she had made it across 4 rungs on the monkey bars all by herself. I couldn’t believe her short little arms could even reach that far, but somehow they did!
  • She has the most amazing ability to say she’s sorry.  That is something that doesn’t come easily to my stubborn nature, but for her it’s so natural.  And unless it’s a fight with another little kid, we don’t force her to say sorry to us when she’s done something wrong.  Punish her for sure, but I don’t want to get in the habit of fake “I’m sorrys….”.  But 9 times out of 10 she will do something wrong, be punished, and an hour or two later (when i’ve practically forgotten about it!), she’ll come up to me and say “Mama, sorry I yelled” or “Mama, I’m sorry I hit Georgia”.  I can’t believe her little mind remembers it so well, but it’s so genuine and sweet and truly teaches me a lesson about saying sorry!
  • She is the best big sister!  We often fight over who gets to go into GA’s room first when she wakes up in the morning.  On days I give in and let her do it I listen outside the door and hear Bailey go in with a sweet, high-pitched voice (not her normal talking voice) and say “Hi Georgia! Hiiiii!!!!!” And then she climbs in her crib and loves and cuddles all over her.  And she gets mad if ever we suggest doing something with just her, like “Bailey, let’s you and me go to the library.” She’s all “What about Georgia? She can come too??”  We do try to make special things w/just Bailey, but she always comes back and hugs GA and says “I missed you!”.  I was a little worried about having 2 girls that they might fight and be catty and all, but so far, it’s mostly all love!  Of course things could be different come the teenage years….. ha!
  • Her thankful spirit.  The other day I was packing her some grapes for a playdate and she asked what I was doing and when I told her she just exclaimed “Oh thank-you Mama! Thank-you!”  Sheesh! It was like I was taking her on a trip to Disney World!  Wonder what she’d of done if I’d packed cupcakes of something super yummy??! 🙂
Well enough writing- here are the pics from Bailey’s 4th bday party.  We were in Louisville on her bday, which ended up being perfect b/c we have never been able to celebrate it with my brother and sister-in-law.  And since we had just had a big friend party for GA’s bday, it was nice not having to do a huge event with food and invites and all that.  Simple and low-key and fun!
We decided that her 4th bday would be a perfect excuse to take her to her first movie.  So we took her to see the Winnie-the-Pooh movie.  She liked it, but wasn’t in love with it.  Liked it for the first half hour and then wanted to get up and walk around.  That’s my active little girl!

 first trip to the movies!

 then when Uncle Kyle got home it was party time! ate pizza then opened presents

 golf set from Uncle Kyle and Aunt Stacy

 we had her big surprise gift waiting outside. Uncle Kyle had her cover her eyes and carried her out for the big reveal

 a new bike!!

 love that we included the helmet and didn’t even make her put it on- just too excited 

 riding w/her BMX Uncle – love this picture!

 GA’s squishy eyes, smiley face

 daddy’s years working at the golf course are coming in handy

 oh and look who her caddy is!

 GA was so funny! she had to carry all 3 clubs the whole time, not 1 or 2, but all 3, even though it was tough.  this kept her happy for half an hour

 party guests! we love our Uncle and Aunt and Cousin Hunter!



 we’re a messed up bunch 🙂

 sidewalk chalk- another bday gift we love!

 cake time! Grandcat and Paw-paw were able to make it via Skpe

 second year in a row that i ruined her cake.  cake fell apart when i flipped it out of the pan and i tried (and failed) to glue it back together with icing. boo! this is a tradition i hope does NOT continue 😦

 wanted to take some pretty pics of my big 4 year old.  love all the green to match her eyes!

 look forward to year 5 with this beautiful little girl!


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  1. All these pictures are great! The one of her & Kyle riding brings brings tears to my eyes. I am reminded of your early days on a bike and of Kyles also. Fast forward time and a 4 yr. grandaughter and a grown son that reminds me of a time before. Kids grow up too fast!!

  2. Love seeing Cathy and Preston on the laptop. 2011 is such a wonderful time! Your girls are beyond precious. I can tell you are cherishing every crazy moment with them! 🙂

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