Baby Hunter


Wanna meet my new, super-cute nephew???  Yes, yes, yes!! Alrighty – then come along for a slew of newborn-licous pictures of little Hunter Preston.  We went to Louisville about a month ago to spend time with my brother and his newly expanded family of 3.  Hunter was only 3 weeks old and oh man, did he melt my heart!!! He’s got these beautiful dark brown eyes that just gaze and wonder up at you.  And he’s got tons of swirly dark hair that we all just loved rubbing and nuzzling on.  (We’re use to baldy babies in my family so one with hair was such a surprise!)  And he had that delicious newborn smell and he loved to be cuddled and held and well, you get the picture.  He is just perfect and I miss him already. 😦  We had such a fun, relaxing trip.  Swam in Kyle and Stacy’s pool, went to the park, celebrated Bailey’s 4th birthday, and of course just soaked up as much of little Hunter as we could.  I was so sad leaving…..wish we lived closer and could see each other more.  But I guess that’s what Skype and phone calls and road trips are for!  But enough rambling…..onto the pictures!

   i know i’m probably biased b/c he’s my nephew, but seriously!!! little babies don’t come much cuter than this!


  he’s got these crazy long alien toes that i had to get pics of!


 these pictures make my ovaries ache! 🙂



beautiful family of 3

such a good daddy! (still can’t believe that’s my little brother there though! ) 🙂

 someone loves their beautiful mama

 cousins.  bailey was so good with him and liked rocking him and patting his back. such a good big cousin

 and of course GA tripled in size the moment i saw him

     gotta rub his head of course

 i think it’s funny that Hunter could look more like he’s my kid than my own kids do.  with all that dark hair and dark eyes- ha!

 pool time.  apparently bailey can totally swim underwater on her own.  we’ve always swam with her tons, but all of a sudden she just decided to do it on her own.  must be a 4 year old thing 🙂


 love this look!

 Georgia was happy riding the skateboard w/steve for about an hour

  and this was her face every single time. ha!

 i look kind of weird here and i’m reminded why i don’t smile with my mouth closed, but oh well! love cuddly moments w/my baby girl

guess who loved their kitty Weezer??

and the piano??

 park time


this is like the baby supermodel pose i think 

  can i tell you how much i LOVE georgia’s two front teeth that are spaced apart?? i kind of hope they always stay that way- so adorable and unique.  i call her Snaggletooth all the time . oh and that stuff on her face was mulch from the playground.  yeah my kids eat mulch. sue me.

 caught them having a sister moment together

So that was our fun little Hunter visit.  My goal this weekend is to get Bailey’s 4th bday pics OFF my camera and ONTO my computer and share them.  (i mean it’s only been 3 weeks…….) Still can’t believe she’s 4 now! Maybe my procrastination is my form of denial that she’s growing up so fast! ha ha!


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  1. I LOVE……LOVE……LOVE the pictures of my beautiful grandbabies!!! I can’t wait to hold each on of them in the next month. Tell the little ones not to grow to much until then. ESPECIALLY Hunter!!

  2. Wow! Hunter does look a lot like you! My fave pic is of your girls holding him. They look a lot bigger next to a newborn. Congrats Kyle!

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