Scariest movie i’ve ever seen…


Oh my goodness!

Tonight I logged onto Netflix to get my documentary fix.  I know that sounds crazy pretentious, but I honestly do love watching them.  I’m a nerd, I know!  Well what I thought was just an interesting little movie about the application process for preschoolers in New York, ended up being a horror flick! Seriously!

– $20, 000 a semester for tuition! (you read that right…..5 zeros! and that’s only for half the year!)

– a $4,000 consulting class that walks you through the application process.  (because really, did you think you were capable of filling out a preschool application on your own???)

–  droves of teachers staring down little 3 year olds during their “playtime” and taking notes on how well they shaped the play dough and how many boogers they ate in five minutes  (well, the booger thing might not have happened, but the way they were observing and analyzing these kiddos it might as well have!)

– a family that completely uproots and moves their family just b/c they can’t get into the preschool they want

Wow! This movie is just flat out crazy!  And I feel so sorry for the little kids- the expectations that are already being placed on their shoulders at such an early age. And then the money…..ahhhhh!!! All the money that is being thrown to a school that does little more than finger painting, learning ABCs, and singing class.  Could be put to such a better use……oh well!

Anyways- if you like to watch documentaries or are interested in social/education stuff revolving around kids, then definitely check this one out- called “Nursery University”, and it’s one of the instant watches on Netflix.  If you end up watching it, let me know what you think!


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  1. almost as bad as watching the show – Toddlers & Tiaras- I know 2 girls who will be as smart as anyone cause parental involvement is as good as it gets!!

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