Look who’s 1 year old!


Ok, so my little Georgie is already 13.5 months old and I’m just now getting around to sharing her birthday pics.  Boo on me!  I thought I might catch up on pictures and blogging over the summer, but things seem busier than ever.  In a good way!  With Steve home now we are just in “let’s-do-everything-and-tackle-every-project-under-the-sun” mode.  We’ve had lots of fun visits with faraway family and we’re finally almost done with painting every last square inch of the house.  Last coat on the shutters tomorrow- yay!  But anyways……i guess it’s better late than never for sharing her pics!

We just had a simple little hotdog/hamburger cookout with our friends for Georgia’s birthday.  It was a much different first bday party than Bailey’s!  With Bailey, none of our friends had babies yet, so she was the only one.  But with Georgia, all our NC friends have lots of kids and so it was like Romper Room here at our house.  I think adults were outnumbered about 2 to 1.  At first I was nervous about having to come up with a lot of activities for the kids to do and play with, but then I just remembered all my bday parties growing up where my parents just sent us all outside and we ran around and made up our own fun and acted like kids.  So that’s what happened.  We threw open the backdoor, sent the kids out and they had a blast! The only negative was that due to schedules and stuff like that, we couldn’t have any family here to celebrate with us. But that’s ok!  Georgia is so loved and we realize that’s just one of the things we have to deal with when living away from family.  But otherwise, the day was perfect!  So here are some pics from Georgia’s special day:

 here’s the bday girl on her actual birthday.  you’d think that w/her name being Georgia, and the fact that i went to UGA, i’d have put her in a “Georgia” shirt a lot sooner.  oh well!

bday cards.  that little Strawberry Shortcake one was my favorite! reminded me of GA so much!  thanks Uncle Kyle and Aunt Stacy! (who are now parents to my new nephew Hunter!! can’t wait to see him and then you’ll see LOTS of pics on here!!! 🙂 )

 decorated wrapping from the coolest 8 year old i know- Miss Amelia!

got her some beautiful hydrangea for her special day.  tried planting them later, but they died…..boo!

the dessert table- my favorite!

 i had way too much fun making these rice crispy treats.  and knowing it only takes 4 ingredients to make these crazy delicious goodies is a bit of dangerous information in my world!

her cake!

she loved it! wasn’t sure how she’d react b/c bailey just picked and dabbled in her cake, but GA went crazy and dove right in.  girl has a sweet tooth.  (or 5 to be exact! 🙂 )

so happy!

love this picture

she likes to share w/sister

family pic!

the Hendricks and their adorable twins (yes, that skinny minny lady had twins less than a year ago! she’s awesome! 🙂 )

Carter! i think she looks like a sweet little fairy

Maeve!  i watch her a couple days a week and love this girl.  those cheeks!

Jessica and her girls- Petra and Kirra (if you live in NC you have girls….just the way it is. seriously- all our friends here have girls, beside one or two loner boys. must be in the water- ha!)

baby Kirra! look at all that hair! i love this girl! she holds a special place in my heart- got to take pics of her beautiful mom when she was still in her belly. it was so fun and special….gotta share those at some point (8.5 month preggo Jessica got in the freezing river for pics! crazy lady!)

a boy! a boy!  little Ben loving his bubbles

Laura and Amelia- sweetest girls ever…..hope mine grow up to be this sweet!

something i learned from bailey’s 1st bday was that i would be too busy running around at the party, i wouldn’t have time to take the pics i wanted. so this time i handed off my camera to a friend and she got a lot of great moments. thanks Amy!  also- it was nice b/c i’m usually behind the lens and this time i was able to be in a few non-posed, candid shots w/the bday girl.  definitely the one piece of advice i give for parents throwing bday parties…..give your camera to a friend!

loving the bubbles

     the picture makes me so happy! GA is the best little hugger/cuddler ever and here she was resting her head on my shoulder which of course i just LOVE! Amy caught it and i just cherish it!

GA doing her downward dog in the yard! ha!


Well that is it!  It is still hard to believe GA is one! She is such a gift to our family and i just love, LOVE being her mom.  She’s my little princess, my baby Wren, my screamer, my cuddler, my blondie, my G.A., my “little sis”, my second-born.  Every day her spunky, sweet personality emerges and it’s so fun to be able to witness it.  Can’t wait to see what year 2 brings for her!

P.S. – A conversation I had with my dad a couple of weeks ago made me go back and add a tiny little ending to Georgia’s Birthstory.  See, it really is the never-ending story! ha!  So if you are interested, just click here (or scroll down on the blog), and then scroll to the bottom of the post for the “update”. Then the story is 100 million percent finished! i promise!! 🙂


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  1. oh that precious angel. that’s a great family pic and also a sweet sweet picture of georgia and daddy looking at each other=) miss you friend! when will you be in georgia? we move a week from today! YAY!

  2. oh, we love miss georgia wren so. thanks for allowing us to be a part of your bday celebration. you did a great job with the party…especially with the desserts, yum!

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