Easter Extravaganza!


So an Easter post after a Mother’s Day post?? Sorry- I guess I have a mild form of Holiday Dyslexia?? 😛

This past Easter was super, super fun and super, super busy!  We went down to Georgia to celebrate with my family and we were so lucky because my brother Kyle and his wife Stacy were also able to make it from Kentucky.  It’s kind of rare for all of us to get together at the same time, so this weekend was very special!  Well not only was it Easter, but we also decided to throw a baby shower for Kyle and Stacy.  There little one is due in July and I just can’t wait to meet my new niece or nephew!!! I am seriously already so in love with him or her! It’s really weird to think of my little (26 years old!) brother being a dad, but weird in a good way.  In a very excited, happy-for-you-my-heart-is-gonna-burst kind of way. 🙂  He and Stacy are going to be the most loving and fun parents and I can’t wait to watch them fall in love with their baby! (Also can’t wait to spoil him/her myself!).  Ok I think I’m rambling now…..

But yes. We threw them a baby shower that was fun and laid-back.  BBQ, onesie painting, bubbles for the kids.  Good times! (I’m trying to bring back popular sayings from the early 2000’s….is it working??!)  And on top of that I also got to take maternity pics of Stacy’s adorable baby bump.  We did it at my parent’s house, which was the perfect outdoor setting with a white fence, an open pasture, and some old rusty piece of farm equipment that for some reason looked cool in the background. At least i think so! 🙂  And of then course we can’t forget the most important event of the weekend- Easter!  It is my favorite holiday of the year! Celebrating my Risen Lord, His triumph over death and sin……forget the chocolate eggs and silly bunnies…….the Resurrection is where it’s at! 🙂  (But I do enjoy the fun bunny/egg hunt traditions too.  Just don’t ever want that to take precedence over the real thing.)  Needless to say, it was a jam-packed weekend.  So get ready for an onslaught of about a million pictures…..

there were going to be a lot of kids at the baby shower so i wanted to have a fun activity for them to do.  we had a onsie painting station set up.  that way they could get creative, but also make a little gift for the baby too!

of course my dad has to make a joke w/his onesie!  poor Baby Morris! you don’t know what crazy family you’re coming into!

 i love this one!

GA already stealing her little cousin’s toys

the excited grandparents

think you guys are tired now?? just wait…… hee hee!

Jackson and Bailey eating ringpops- they look like pacifiers though

caught this sweet moment b/w daddy and GA

the happy parents-to-be with their friends (who are also expecting!)

Kyle is into bike riding and my aunt made this really cool diaper bike thingy! loved it!!

 this is the bassinet that’s been passed down in our family for all the new babies to sleep in it- also a nice gift holder for the shower

my mom did this extra-special thing where she got name plates of all the babies that have slept in it and adhered them to the bassinet. how neat is that??

 even my two little ones slept in there for their first few months of life

 random pic- but we did get a quick break to visit my childhood friend Kelly who just bought her first house.  it’s so beautiful! here we are in the “craft room” (i wanna craft room! 🙂 ) playing w/the girls

onto Easter egg dying……i love doing this! anything w/colors makes me happy

bailey got bored coloring them so steve and i finished up.  and yes, this is the stupid face that automatically came to mind when stacy took the picture……i really have issues. ha!

of course i picked the sparkly egg kit.  glitter everywhere!!! but so pretty!

Easter egg hunt! Jackson was so sweet and kept putting eggs in Bailey’s basket……what a nice cousin!

they love each other so much

GA was happy as could be with this giant plastic egg- she’s so pretty!

all four cousins.  i gave up trying to get a “looking at the camera, smiling face” picture after about 3 minutes

sister kisses……melt my heart!

our little family of four

daddy and bailey (GA was not happy off my hip during picture time b/c she was tired, so no pic w/daddy here)

i am one lucky mama.  love, love, LOVE my girls

the whole crew!  we were actually all together for a family picture- woo-hoo!!! of course this will only be up-to-date for a couple of months before Kyle and Stacy’s baby arrives. then who knows how long before we’re all together again! ha ha! ohwell!

So that was the Easter Extravaganza!  Like I said, super fun and super busy!  Will post Kyle and Stacy’s maternity pics soon- they came out so well!  She’s the happiest pregnant lady ever. 


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  1. you gonna have to start writing Georgia,s complete name–she is not a state she is a baby doll named GEORGIA not Ga. ha ha ha ha wish I could hear your thoughts now ha ha

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