Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Models… your heart out!


It’s been a nice and warm week here in North Carolina and we are loving it! Staying outside most of the day- going on walks, playing on the swingset, tending our veggie garden, visiting the park, and now…..playing in our octopus sprinkler!  Which or course means you have to get your bathing suit on.  Here’s little Miss Georgia being as adorable and sassy and sweet as she possibly can in her little bathing suit.  Now I know this is a super Southern expression that I hear old ladies at church and in the grocery store say, but it’s exactly what comes to mind when I see her dressed in this little onepiece…… “Oh i could just eat you up!!!”  So yeah- I am officially an 87 year old broad in the produce section 🙂  Enjoy pics of my little swimsuit model:

she is a Monty girl- sticking out that tongue!

oh my goodness!!! cute little chubby baby thighs!!!!! not enough exclamation marks in the world to describe how happy those little legs make me!!!

her new thing to do while she’s just crawling around is to randomly stop, lay her head down, and rest for about 10 seconds.  she also does this when i’m holding her- lays her head on my chest for a bit.  i love it!!

sweetest face! just love those baby blues!

awwwwww!!!! definitely my favorite! love my little Georgia Wren……such a precious gift! 🙂

 just for fun i made a collage of the two girls in the same bathing suit.  GA is 11 months and B is 10 months.  i think they look nothing alike! (except that they’re both so cute!)


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  1. Oh my gosh, I want to bite her little legs! And how did you get her to lay her head down like that? No, the girls look nothing alike in those pics. How funny. I always think they do look alike, but not here!

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