Cool Tricks, Cool Tricks!!!


As a parent you can get pretty picky about which cartoons you let your kids watch.  It’s not like when we were kids and cartoons were designated to only Saturday mornings and after school.  Now there are several stations that devote their entire line-ups to cartoons 24/7.  Seriously. That’s A LOT of animation! While we don’t watch hours upon hours of cartoons, we do watch 2 or 3 shows a day- usually in the morning when we (meaning me!) are waking up and also right after nap when the little ones are still groggy and extra cuddly. 

Now let me tell you- there are some WEIRD cartoons out there (has anyone seen Lazy Town??? That one’s Krazy- yes, Krazy with a “K”! 🙂 )   But I’ve learned that if we stick to Nick Jr., then we’re pretty safe.  That was until a certain orange, fuzzy head, neon spandex wearing dude named D.J. Lance started appearing on the screen with characters named Flex and Foofa.  Welcome to “Yo Gabba Gabba”.  When I saw that I just was like “What the beeeeeep??!!?” 

But Bailey sure loved it and even Georgia would watch it for a minute or two.  So sure enough, a couple of months later and I must have drank the kool-aid because now it’s one of my favorite shows to watch with the girls.  I even find myself absent-mindedly humming their weird songs in my head like “You got to wait in line. It’s only fair to wait right there”….. or my personal favorite –  “Don’t bite your friends!”  Yes, it’s a zany kind of show! 🙂 

Well anyways, there’s a segment on it called “Cool tricks!” where little kids show off their talents like blowing bubbles or stacking cups or whatever.  The other day when we were out on the swingset Bailey started showing me her “Cool trick” which involves her sliding down the slide on her feet.  She sometimes falls, but always gets back up and does it again.  Of course when she falls, GA loves it and starts laughing.  Way to be supportive Little Sis! 🙂  Here’s a video of Bailey doing her Cool Trick. (P.S.- feel free to give me a call anytime D.J. Lance! :)-

And not to be outdone by Big Sis, Georgia has a Cool Trick of her own.  She’s now into waving and saying “hi!” to everyone we pass.  I think “hi” is officially going to be her first word.  It’s so adorable! I’m thinking of sending her to church a few minutes early so she can be part of the greeting team that meets everyone at the door.  Church attendance will be up in no time! hee hee!


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