Pigtail Princess


 Well it’s taken 3 years and 8 months, but Bailey’s hair is FINALLY long enough to put into little pigtails!! Yay!!! Considering the fact that I still wear pigtails at the ripe ol’ age of 29, this is a big deal in our household! 🙂  And dang if she doesn’t look so, so cute!!  In one way I love it because she does look so adorable, but in another way it makes me a little sad because I think she looks so much older when she’s wearing them.  She’s not a little baby anymore (though she’ll always be MY baby!) :).  She’s a beautiful little girl. My pigtail princess!

And oh the faces this girl makes! What a ham!


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  1. Renee,
    Bailey is soo beautiful and love, love her pigtails. I truly enjoy reading about your sweet family and seeing your precious girls growing up..Bailey’s facial expressions are soo cute and funny, she definitely has an outgoing personality..Hope you all are doing well in NC!!

  2. My Beautiful, Bubbly, Bouncy…..Bailey!!! Those pigtails truly show that spiritfilled personality of hers!

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