>A squiggly blob of a cousin


>Just writing that title post makes me laugh!

So my brother Kyle and his wife, my beautiful sister-in-law Stacy, are having a baby this July. Woo-hoo!!! I get to be an aunt again and Bailey and Georgia will finally have a cousin on the Morris side! We are all ecstatic to say the least! They aren’t finding out what they’re having (I’m guessing boy), so it’s been exciting to guess whether my parents are going to be covered with granddaughters or if we’re finally going to have a little rough and tough boy to spoil. (although Bailey is pretty rough and tough herself :))

The other day Bailey was drawing some pictures and I was blown away by what she was coming up with. Usually her freestyle drawings are a bunch of lines and scribbles, but these pictures were actually little people! Or rather really long, balloon head, stick people. ha ha! I was just so taken aback by how quickly her drawings changed. From indescribable mish-mash to recognizable pictures! Moments like this make me both happy and sad. So proud and astounded by her learning and growth, but also a bit of a heartache by how quickly she’s growing up. But anyways. This was her second drawing of people and in case you can’t tell who is who (what are you blind??!?), let me give you the run down.

The super-tall one on the far left is Grandcat (who is only 5 foot tall- ha!), then next is Paw-paw, then Uncle Kyle, and then Aunt Stacy. And when I asked what the little blob on Aunt Stacy was Bailey pointed to it and said “It’s her baby in her belly”. Melt my heart!!!! It surprised me b/c we haven’t seen Stacy since she’s started showing (they live in Kentucky), but Bailey still understood about her baby cousin and how he/she was growing in Stacy’s belly (we talk about it a lot). And when I ask her if the baby is a boy or a girl, she always says “boy AND girl”. She swears there’s 2 babies in there. So funny! Anyways- just wanted to share this cute and funny picture that came out of Bailey’s little imagination. I love her so much!

P.S.- I also love the goofy grin that she put on Paw-paw’s big ol’ head. Looks about right 🙂 hee hee!


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  1. >Please tell Miss Bailey thank you! we got the picture and her note in the mail. She is the sweetest! I love that your Mom and I are taller than our hubbies and Pawpaws giant grin is the best!

  2. >I love Bailey, and Stacy, your baby is adorable, and Renee, if Stacy really has twins, I have a variety of questions I would like the sweet pig tailed one to answer for me.

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