>Baby Smith Maternity Pics


>Some of my absolute favorite people on this planet, the Kovalskys, are due to have a little baby boy in about 8 weeks. Mike and Lindsay have been close friends of ours for years and have loved our girls since day one and I can’t wait till I get a chance to finally love a Little One of theirs! With his daddy’s humor and his mama’s brains and both of their good looks, Smith Kovalsky is sure to be a little rockstar!

This past weekend I went down to Georgia for Lindsay’s baby shower and while I was there she let me take some maternity pics for her. It’s not something I’ve ever done before, so we had lots of fun just trying to come up with shots and poses. I think I ended up yelling “Look at your belly!” about a million times that day! ha! Also, it was FREEZING cold that morning – like in the mid 30’s- and poor Lindsay was in a short sleeve shirt and so uncomfortable, and I was having a hard time adjusting my camera settings as my fingers got more and more numb. I told Lindsay that watching all those episodes of Next Top Model really paid off…..I could hear Tyra yelling at us in my head to ignore the pain and just push through. ha ha! See….not all T.V. is bad! 🙂

Anyways- here is a little slideshow of my favorite shots. It was SOOOO hard to narrow the pics down- I love them all! Mike and Lindsay are both uber-photogenic and are so much fun to be around and are so cute and in love that I just kept getting one good shot after another. The song I set the pictures to is “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”, which is their wedding song. I thought that was appropriate since it’s also a child’s song and one about having dreams (a little baby!). But here it is……can’t wait to meet you little Smith! You’re already so cute in your mama’s belly, I can only imagine how adorable you’ll be out of it! 🙂


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  1. >You kicked butt Renee!!!! I think my favorites are where she is sitting on the tracks and lying on the bench. They are all amazing! I can't wait for my shoot:) You will have your work cut out for you though because I am not near as cute of a pregnant lady as Lindsay!

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