>Mama’s in trouble now!


>Well it’s official. I now have two mobile children. Little Miss Georgia just started crawling this past week. It’s super cute because she’s kind of slow about it (don’t think she’s totally realized her freedom potential yet!) and also because her booty looks extra big while doing it (partly because she wears cloth diapers that are a bit thicker and also because, well, she’s my daughter. ha!). I’m so proud of her! Seriously- seeing your little ones learn something new just makes the heart swell!

So here’s a video of our newly crawling girl. Even though I don’t know any other way to get her to come towards me, I still can’t help sometimes feeling like I’m calling her as though she’s a puppy dog- do other mamas feel that way too? And also, Bailey is funny in the video b/c she’s wearing an extra-small size pair of little girl underwear, but it’s still super big and just hangs off her. I call them her droopy drawers! ha ha! so funny!


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