>Match maker, match maker….


>I know in America we have this whole “free-to-marry-whomever-you-like” thing going on, but really, is picking out your future spouse all by yourself truly that important?? I think not. And free will? Psshhhh! Over-rated! So I have taken it upon myself to relieve my second born of the burden of having to find her own hubby. She’ll thank me one day šŸ™‚

So without further ado, meet Georgia’s future husband, Luke!

Oh my gosh! He is just so scrumptiously cute!!! How could GA not swoon over those baby blues and those chubby little cheeks? And not only is he a looker, but he happens to come from good stock…..his mama Mandy is one of my BFFs and I just love her to pieces. We were pregnant at the same time with a due date about a week apart. However, her early bird little boy decided to come a few weeks early and my procrastinating little girl decided to come a couple of weeks late, so they are actually about a month apart. That’s good b/c it’s always better to date an older guy šŸ™‚
Here is the first meeting of the two lovebirds, way back in July. GA must have been a bit nervous, which resulted in a cry fest!

Now in this next picture Luke was being a typical guy- pretending he wasn’t interested and even giving her a little punch in the face to show just how not into girls he was (they aren’t quite old enough for him to push her down at the playground yet!) –

But don’t worry! Luke has matured a lot in the last 6 months and now look what a gentleman he is with Georgia…..

I was lucky enough to meet up with his mama for an afternoon over Christmas break and we had such a good time catching up and planning the kiddos’ wedding. Here are some pics from our visit:

ahhhhh! that expression is the best!

GA checking out Luke’s crib…..what a cute decorator he is! their house will be adorable šŸ™‚

my favorite picture of them together

look, they already have something in common- playing with socks!

and here’s a picture of me and Luke’s mama. hard to believe that this time last year we were meeting up around Christmas time, but with baby bellies in tow. Dang! Time flies! And before we know it, we’ll blink and be attending Luke and Georgia’s wedding! šŸ™‚ Just kidding! I guess I’ll let her marry whomever she wants……but if it turns out to be Luke, just call me the baby match maker! (do you think Bravo will give me my own show??) hee hee!


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