>Thanksgiving Texas-style


>For Thanksgiving this year we visited Steve’s family who own a ranch out in Texas. He comes from a family with 5 kids, so when everyone is together (spouses, kids, and dogs too!) it’s a big, crazy group of chaos. In a fun way. This was the first time most of the family saw Georgia, so it was a special trip for that reason alone. Of course they “oohhhhed” and “ahhhhhed” all over her, and Steve and I had fun showing her off. We have 7 nieces and nephews and I just love hanging out with them and watching them grow up. They are great with our kids – always including them and playing with them, despite a big age gap. Of course when she’s hanging out with her cousins, Bailey has no concept of being 3 years old- she thinks she’s 10 like her older girl cousins, Grace and Elizabeth. (They were the flower girls in our wedding when they were just 6, and they have such a special, sweet place in my heart. Just love those two!)

It was also fun because their ranch feels like it’s so far removed from the rest of the world. There’s tons to do there- four wheeling, hiking, swimming, basketball, shoot pool – so we hardly ever leave. Also Steve’s mom is an amazing cook, so we also consider eating to be one of our pastimes there too! But it’s nice to just hole up into a cocoon for about 4 days, cut off from the craziness of Black Friday and all the holiday madness, and just relax and soak up time together. Unfortunately, the whole family couldn’t be there (we were missing 6), but here are pics from our time together:

hiking through the ranch- Bailey looks like such a big kid here!

all in denim- my little cowgirl!

Grace & Elizabeth…..growing up too fast!

Grandpa & Georgia (that was his mom’s name, so i think our little one holds a special place in his heart! 🙂 )

seriously? ha ha!

she had just eaten bananas for the first time and loved them

it’s like looking in a mirror

these two are so silly! i love it!

the one outing we had was to the nail salon- Grandma likes to treat the little girls to a manicure. it was Bailey’s first and she picked yellow (more like bright orange!) and sat perfectly still

so grown up!

Grandma and Bailey

daddy taking his girls for a ride

these two loved doing crazy jumps and getting me to shoot them mid-air

my favorite – ha ha!

sweet sisters dressed up for Thanksgiving dinner

getting a picture of the 4 of us all looking and smiling is pretty much impossible- this is the best we’ve got! pardon bailey’s pulled up dress! 🙂

i thought i kissed Georgie all the time, but Bailey might be competing with me!

It was a great Thanksgiving and we couldn’t feel more blessed and thankful. With our health, our families, our home, all the food and clothing we have……we are spoiled completely rotten. I mean it. Just rotten. But we are so grateful and we thank God every day for these gifts. And if they are ever taken away, we will thank Him just the same. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving too!

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