>Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It….


>Na, na, na, na, na, na, na! (Gotta love some old school Will Smith!)

Well right now I’m living in a snow globe. It’s been snowing straight for 3 days and today the “Arctic Blast” has hit. I put that in quotes b/c Steve and I laugh when the weather people talk about it, so we like to throw the phrase around as though we are living in an Armegeddon/Independence Day movie and we’re just hunkering down waiting for the end to come! Oh no! The dreaded Arctic Blast has come!!!!! Ok- don’t know if that made much sense, but it’s funny to us! ha!

So while it feels like we’re going a little stir-crazy at times, it’s also been good to just be lazy bums – play in the snow, clean the house, eat lots and lots, watch too much T.V. , read trashy magazines, and my personal favorite- finally download a zillion photos from my camera. Yay! This batch comes from a couple of weeks ago (before the Dutch boy haircut, as indicated by her shaggy mullet). I had been cleaning out my closet and clothes were laying everywhere. She picked up one of my tops and put it on and it immediately became a cute little dress on her. And apparently this dress caused her to break out in some funky dance moves that I have never seen before. I was cracking up, so I of course grabbed my camera.

I have to say, I really think Bailey is a super funny little girl. I used to just chalk it up to her age, thinking all little kids were crazy goofballs. But the more kids I’m around, the more I realize, just like any personality trait, it’s pretty unique to Bailey. Georgia for instance, seems to be a lot more serious and thoughtful. Doesn’t make the silly faces or sticks out her tongue like Bailey always has. Much more the deep thinker type who is solving all the world’s problems between naptimes. (That or pooping in her diapers and concentrating very hard on it!) 🙂 But Bailey is my little comedian. She makes everyone laugh and she herself loves it when we crack up at her antics. It wouldn’t surprise me if she got voted “Funniest” in high school or ended up on SNL one day. She’s just such a riot and has the silliest facial expressions of any little kid I know! But anyways- here she is with her dance moves in my shirt, checking herself out in the mirror…….

my personal favorite
showing off JLo style


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