>Flying high on Coke – the drink that is! :P


>Ok, so i’ve been a bad blogger lately- ugh! Just been super crazy around here with several guests visiting and us going out of town for family visits and house stuff and life in general and yeah, yeah, yeah……you get the picture! But I feel like i’m in one of those spots where so much has been going on that I’d like to write about, and yet it’s too much and I don’t know where to begin, so instead I’ll just share some random, not-so-important tidbits. (Plus I drank a Coke tonight, which I never do, so i’m a bit wired! Woo-hoo!) Here goes my caffeine induced spiel of nonsense…..

* It took over 3 years, but Bailey finally had her first haircut. Or rather a mullet-cut to be specific. She didn’t really need it, but everyone kept telling us if we just trimmed the ends, her hair would grow thicker and quicker. So we gave it a try. It’s a bit lopsided b/c Steve kept making me laugh while I was pretending to be a hairdresser, and she kept moving her head around like a normal little 3 year old, and eventually I got tired of trying not to stab her with my scissors- so lopsided mullet cut it is. And of course she looks super adorable. Steve says she looks like a little Dutch boy and I might have to agree. Ha!

*My mama finally got a new job. While I’m super happy for her, I really do miss our afternoon phone calls. Wonder if her new boss would frown upon her having several hour long phone calls throughout the day??

*This afternoon I was a master at multitasking. I nursed GA with one arm while tickling Bailey with the other. Definitely my idea of productivity!

*Our family plays this game called “MINE!” which just boils down to Steve and I grabbing one of the girls and shouting “MINE!” in a devilish, cartoon accent (a bit like Swiper the Fox), and then we fight over who’s girl she is. It’s really fun and I love that we play fight over who loves the kiddos more. Well last night we were doing it with Bailey in her bed, and as we were grabbing and passing her back and forth she started yelling, “No no! Share Mama and Daddy- share!” Of course we just stopped, stared at one another, and then burst into laughter! That girl is crazy!

*That mean ol’ calendar is playing tricks on me again. Allegedly yesterday was December 2, which means my little Georgia is 6 months old. This is of course impossible. There is no way my itty, bitty baby girl is already half way done with her first year of life! Seriously- I just had her like a few weeks ago. Time couldn’t have flown by that quickly, could it???

*I have never felt the desire to write more in my life and yet, never had so little time to do it as well. It’s a cul-de-sac of creativity.

*Have you read the Hunger Game series by Suzanne Collins?? If not, you should. The main character, Katniss, is my new favorite literary heroine- a girl who kicks ass, takes names, and doesn’t wait around for boys to rescue her. She rescues them. Awesome. I wanna have another daughter just so I can name her Katniss. :)Plus there’s tons of political, social layers to the book that are interesting to think about. Check it out if you can.

*Since she’s been born this is the first year where Bailey is at the age to really understand the whole Christmas thing. The real Christmas. You know, the one about Jesus and God’s love for us?? (not to be confused with the Santa, gift-buying, gingerbread house one….although we enjoy having fun with those things too!) I feel a huge responsibility to share with her God’s love for her, and Steve and I are being so taught so much by just watching her little brain and heart piece it all together. It’s beautiful.

*Today is my dad’s 52nd birthday. I’ve been around 28 years and have yet to find anyone who is as crazy as he is. In a good way. 🙂 Although my brother comes in at a close second. Happy Birthday Dad! Lay off those burgers so you can be around another 52 years! We love, love, love you!!

* I am still madly in love with our home here in NC. Every day I wake up, look around, and can’t believe my good fortune! My new favorite thing about it here are the stars. In these winter nights, away from a big city, they are so bright and pretty. I am one lucky girl!

Well I guess that concludes my random rant. My Coke is wearing off and bed and a good book is calling my name. But before I go, Georgia wanted me to make sure I shared this little video with you. She too has some important things to get off her chest….


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  1. >YEAH!! New posts!! 🙂 Sounds like you've been MIA for good reason though. Post pictures of Bailey's haircut. 🙂 Love the new background and photos by the way!

  2. >Oh my goodness, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this post…and you too of course! The part about mastering the art of multitasking…gracious, that is so YOU in a sentence Renee!!! It's absolutely beautiful (like you) short, sweet & simple (like you), and shows your heart & what you hold most important in life :)You are an amazingly talented writer & I will be one of your bigget cheerleaders in getting your cul-de-sac of creativity out on the road, running full throtle…in God's perfect timing of course–when He shows you the path, God's got amazing plans for you girlfriend, I know it!!!

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