>Faves collide – check it out!


>So today one of my absolute favorite people on this planet, Amy Sullivan, and one of my favorite websites, InCourage, are colliding.

I met Amy last year when we moved to North Carolina. She and Steve worked at the same school and knowing that I was new to town, without any friends, she immediately made it her business to invite me out and include me in things around town. I am SO glad she did b/c now she’s one of my BFFs, and I start to feel a bit off if a day goes by without a chat, text, or visit with her. 🙂

Well a while back she start a blog chronicling her desire to give more graciously to others. It’s a great read and one that always leaves me thinking and inspired. And obviously I’m not the only one who feels that way because the ladies over at InCourage asked her to guest blog and write a post for their site.

So if you get a chance, hop on over and read her post! –


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  1. >Ok, so I just now read this!I am so glad God plunked you guys in good 'ol Bville (even if just for a short time!). I love you. Love your family, and am beyond thankful for your friendship. Thank you for being a huge support and a great cheerleader in my life.

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