>"Multiply life by the power of two"


>That’s a line from one of my favorite Indigo Girls’ songs. And it’s one that sings through my mind several times a day. I’m now a mama to two little ones.

Two times the work.
Two times the messes.
Two times the worries.
Two times the energy needed to get through the day.


Two times the joy.
Two times the kisses.
Two times the blessings.
Two times the heart-busting-through-my-chest kind of love.

These two little girls are my treasures that make me love so much it hurts. And I just wanted to share that.

Multiply life by the power of two
……. probably the only kind of math I’ll ever enjoy.

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  1. >Love the song, love the pictures, and it is SO fun that I actually recognize some of the places in the background…B dangling her tiny toes in the water. I think I just might have been there!7th one down happens to be my fave.

  2. >Amy- what??? 7th one down? i thought for sure you'd love the sad kitty-cat face! i posted it just for you 🙂 and yes, you were definitely there for that waterfall adventure!

  3. >Ah! I LOVE this post. Especially the pic where little Bailey is dipping her toe in the water, and snuggling the baby Georgia, and swinging her legs from the tree! My kind of math "problem" for sure. 🙂

  4. >Oh my gosh, those pictures make MY heart want to burst with love! How do you stand it? haha Seriously, what sweet and adorable girls. Bailey's grin just kills me! And Georgia is getting so big!!!! You are so blessed!

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