>Oreo Purgatory



So right now I’m in Oreo Purgatory. You know, that place between pregnancy and fitted jeans where you have to work off (pun very much intended) all the oreos you’ve eaten in the past nine months. Oreos and cookie dough and Cadbury bunny eggs and jellybeans and birthday cake……yeah, that place. Come to think of it- I blame the holidays. All the good eatin’, sweet-drenched holidays happened to occur right in the middle of my pregnancy……Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, my bday. Geez! It’s like the universe just wanted me to gain some extra lbs. Well, the universe and my sweet tooth. ha ha! j/k! I loved every sugary minute of it!

But now if I ever want to wear clothing other than pajamas, I need to say good-bye to the sweets (don’t worry my loves…..it’s not forever….we’ll reunite one day!) and start pumping the iron. The doctor gave me the green light to resume exercise a while back and I actually was pretty good about it. Worked out at least 4 times a week and started feeling energized and healthy again. The first two weeks were rough though. After not working out for 4/5 months (yeah, i was a lazy preggo lady) I had to get through that “help-i’m-gonna-die-i-think-i’m-having-a-heart-attack-please-call-911” phase. Yeah, that phase sucks. But I got through it and started feeling better about myself. Didn’t lose much poundage, but I did manage to squeeze (and i mean SQUEEZE) into my biggest size pre-pregnancy jeans. (It’s all about the small victories!). But then this big move came and all my extra energy has been put towards unpacking and painting and settling in. Almost done though. 3 bedrooms, kitchen, dining room, and hallway are painted- just need to do living room and bonus room and that’s it! Yay! After that, I’m lacing up my sneakers and hitting the pavement again. The weather here is gorgeous and I can’t wait to check out the streets of our new neighborhood!

Till then, I’ll just look to Bailey for motivation – I mean, she is my accountability partner. Of course she does ask for cookies and Dora Popsicles after every meal, so maybe I should rethink her position. hee hee! Here’s a video of her working out with me from a month or so ago. And yes, I like to do cheesy in-home work-out videos. This particular one is The Firm and it even comes with cute little pink hand weights. I guess they want you to remain girly while breaking a sweat! :


P.S. – After Bailey stripped down she went streaking in the quad and then stopped by KFC for a snack. ha ha! (Name that movie!!)


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  1. >Oh my gosh, so cute! I love how Bailey goes over to check on Georgia. Such a good big sis. 🙂 And hey, good for you for putting forth the effort! I'm sure it's hard with two little ones to look after and the moving of course. Do you take the girls on walks a lot? I walked the twins a lot (obviously I didn't have pregnancy pounds to shed but I still needed exercise) and I felt really good. They got to get "out" a bit and I got a little cardio in – esp. on hills!Thanks for the update! I just randomly checked your blog and it looks like you just posted 20 mins ago! We must have a connection. 🙂

  2. >Painting a house and taking care of two little ones sounds like a workout to me!! I think you look great!! So funny to hear scream and cut off the camera before Bailey stips down. haha Can't wait to see the paint colors you went with:)

  3. >First of all, I love old workout videos and we should totally get together and do Eight Minute Abs. The guy who leads it has some distracting metallic blue biker shorts, but otherwise it isn't bad.Next up, two weeks ago I ate an entire row of Oreos in one day. Just thought I would share.

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