>I must have clicked my heels 3 times…


>…because I am finally home. In more ways than one, but I’ll stick to just the physical sense of it in this post 🙂

It took 15 months and 4 moves, but we are finally settled into a house!!!! Yay!!!!! I cannot begin to describe how relieved/thankful/grateful/happy I am to be moved into a house. A little home for our little family. And although it feels awesome to be permanently set in one spot, it feels a million times better to know it’s the right spot! This last year and half has been crazy- uprooting from our hometown, saying goodbye to family and friends, moving over and over again, becoming a stay at home mom, Steve starting a new job, having a new little one enter our world, and all the while going back and forth a zillion times about where we wanted to settle down and set some roots. It definitely has been an indecisive, emotional roller coaster.

For a while there, maybe because things were a little rough here in NC and we were a little homesick, we thought we would move back to Georgia. We even met with a realtor and looked at houses for a day. But it just took that one day of house-hunting for us to realize, to know in our guts, that Georgia was not meant to be our home for the next few years. We are meant to be in North Carolina. Without a doubt. The moment it all became clear to us we haven’t looked back, second-guessed, doubted, or questioned. And that security, that feeling of being right where you are meant to be, feels so, so good. Especially for this over-analytical, indecisive girl! 🙂

But anyways! Right after we knew that NC was it, we began the house hunt and what do you know? It took us right to the front doorstep (literally) of some of our best friends here in NC. Sadly they had to move away to Texas, but they gave us a great departing gift- their house!!! Well, they didn’t exactly give it to us – there were lawyers and realtors and money involved, but you know what I mean. 🙂 It turns out that we loved their house and needed to buy and since they were selling…….well, it all worked out perfectly for everyone! The only down side of course is that we wish they didn’t have to leave in order for us to buy the house. We miss them already!

So that’s it for now. We moved in about 2 weeks ago and are now completely unpacked. Every single stinkin’ box! That feels so good too! And after living with only half our stuff for the past year (the other half was in storage), we realized how we have way TOO much stuff and can do with A LOT less. We’ve got 15 or so boxes in the crawl space all jam packed ready for a yard sale. Starting to learn that less truly is more and that we really are spoiled rotten in so many respects.

I will post pics once we’re done painting. Right now our walls look like a patchwork quilt from all the paint samples I’ve got scattered around- ha! But I’m excited. Pink room for Georgie and yellow for Bailey- can’t wait to get their cute little rooms together! And we also have a guest room (that triples as an office and playroom when guests aren’t around), so when you feel up for a mountain getaway- we’re your place! 🙂 Here’s a picture I took a week ago about a mile away from our house. Hope it’s enticing you for a visit…..


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  1. >the other day donnie said "we should go to asheville one saturday". i couldn't agree more!!! i'll be calling you when we make more plans…can't wait tosee pics! and the house in person!

  2. >We want so badly to come & see ya'll!!! Hoping to get in a trip to my aunt & uncle's place in Little Switzerland & come see ya'll all in one this fall! Gotta look at some dates, but hopefully we can make this happen! Love you friend :)p.s. post pics of the cute new house soon!

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