>Didn’t you know……


>that ice-cream always tastes better when it matches your skirt??

Obviously I’m not a mama who cares about her kids’ clothes getting dirty. Mainly because mine get just as dirty. ha!

On Saturday night we had a little family outing in downtown Asheville. Walked around a bit, grabbed some dinner, listened to a cornerstreet band, and noshed on some ice-cream. It really couldn’t have been a more perfect night- the 81 degree weather, the tasty beer, the well-behaved girls, the relaxed vibe of the city……just one of those nights that we’ll always remember.

coloring at the restaurant with daddy

me and Georgie!

look at her face!! could she BE any more cute??

daddy and Georgie

Steve’s little mini-me……oh i love that smile!

The night also brought about one of the funniest conversations I’ve ever had with Bailey. Luckily I was able to get a similar re-enactment on tape. Just as funny the second time around. Take a look:

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  1. >LOL!!! She is so funny..and observant:) I bet you guys were cracking up between that conversation and the ice cream incident. Georgia is getting so big and so cute! Glad ya'll had a nice family evening! See you soon!!!

  2. >Ok, I LOVED this!!! Every night while I'm feeding Nolan, it never fails that Mack is ready for bed. Scott will bring her over to me to kiss Nolan and me goodnight and as she's walking away, she says, "Nigh-night boobie, lub you!" It cracks us up every single time.

  3. >Sounds like such a perfect evening! and Bailey's ice cream does look delicious 🙂 Precious conversation as well, love to hear the perspective of our little ones, haha!

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