>Turning Three


>August 3, 2010

Baby Girl-

I don’t know how I managed to close my eyes for just a second, only to quickly open them up and find that you are three years old. Wow! It all goes by so, so quickly. When I hold your little sister in my arms, rocking her and feeding her, I try to think back to the days when you were just a little baby. Your tongue always sticking out…..your “passionate” cry…..the way you loved being burritoed in a blanket…..your wrinkled little forehead…….sometimes it feels so long ago, and yet, it just happened. And now you are this big, beautiful little three year old girl!

Bailey- I just love, love, LOVE being your mama! It’s not a role I ever thought much about when I was growing up. Even though I thought it would happen at some point, I was never one of those girls who just dreamed of being a mom. But then you showed up and changed it all. You were a surprise to me and Daddy who had only been married for four short months. At the time I was a little nervous and worried to have a baby…..just still felt so young myself and was still adjusting to being someone’s wife. But every day I thank God for that wonderful surprise- for not giving me the life that I had imagined in my head- instead giving me one that is more precious and perfect than any I could have created on my own.

Bailey Girl- I just love so many things about you…….the way your eyes shine when you smile, your polite little “thank-you”s after any little thing is given to you, your fearless attitude on the playground, the way you like to color with the “non-pretty” colors of brown and black, how you like to cuddle up with Georgia and give her blankets to make sure she’s warm, your helpful attitude when we’re cooking or cleaning, the way you get so excited to play with other kids and hold their hands, your tight little hugs around my neck……..I really could go on and on forever. You are such a special and beautiful and fun little spirit. I know that all parents love their children (it’s kind of in our DNA), but not only do I love you so much, but I also truly like you. Seriously- you are absolutely one of my most very favorite people to spend time with……… just playing with you and watching you learn and grow is one of the biggest joys in my life. You are so much fun to be with- always making me and Daddy laugh and laugh! You’re my little goober, my baby girl, my sunshine, my love. And you are the best surprise I’ve ever had! I feel so lucky and proud and blessed to be able to be your mama. I love you my little girl……my beautiful baby Bailey 🙂

1 year old

2 years old

3 years old


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  1. >Beautiful, sweet Bailey- I loved the baby pics, especially the 1 year-old shot on the porch. Bailey is so easy to love, but one of my fav, fav, favorite things is her sad face. I don't know how you resist when she turns that on!

  2. >Lindsey, needless to say there were no dry eyes in our household either.Amy, Bailey does know how to turn on the sad face, what really gets me is when she drops her shoulders & head as if she is the most neglected kid on the planet!Renee, beautiful letter to our 1st granddaughter, now you know EXACTLY how I feel about YOU!!

  3. >Ah my eyes are welling over, too! What a sweet letter. And then your mom's comment, aw man! You guys are so blessed to love each other so much (all of you). Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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