>Sweet Little Baby Girls


>Over the last few weeks we’ve had a couple of thrown together photo shoots of the girls. For anyone who has been around me much, you know I’m kind of obsessive about taking pictures. Throw in a pair of adorable sisters and yeah, I can go crazy. So here are the results of some of my favorite pics of Bailey and Georgia. Set to some sweet music that was given to me by my friend Lizzie who has her own little surprise baby coming in just a week or two! (I say it’s a girl!) So turn up your computer speakers and enjoy! (And mom- if you don’t shed a tear or two watching this, I’m going to revoke your grandparent card! hee hee! j/k! But I totally am picturing you getting a bit emotional watching it…..I know I do!) 🙂


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  1. >What sweet pictures Renee! I love the two of them : ) That made me really excited (or more excited) to have another baby and watch Lee with his sister or brother. You're a sweet mama!

  2. >Such beautiful, beautiful girls!!! You did an amazing job with these 🙂 Oh how I look forward to sweet, sweet pictures of my two boys…hopefully little brother is coming soon so I can get started, hehe! Love you friend, great pics 🙂

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