>Aunt & Uncle come to visit



A few weeks ago my brother Kyle and his wife Stacy came to visit the girls. (Btw– i love saying that…..”the girls”……makes me so happy!). Anyways. They live in Kentucky and unfortunately we don’t get to see them as much as we would like. But whenever we do, we have such a good time. They are the best Aunt and Uncle and we just love watching them love on their nieces. And Bailey just adores both of them. She’s always warmed up quickly to Stacy, even when months have gone by between visits, and Kyle is her adrenaline buddy who likes to throw her high in the air and let her ride anything that has two wheels. I can’t wait till these two have kids of their own (no pressure….hee hee!) so we can spoil their kids and so Bailey and Georgia can have some Morris cousins to play with. They already have 7 on the Montgomery side, so come on Kyle and Stacy…… ya’ll have some catching up to do! ๐Ÿ™‚ Here are some pics from their visit.:

they love ms. GA

Georgia is wearing her “Bear” onesie that Aunt Stacy gave as a joke when Steve and I were still debating over the name – ha ha!

swimming in the pool w/bailey

Uncle Kyle giving Bailey “Big Jumps”

strolling in downtown Asheville

they gave the girls these adorable shirts which made me SO happy b/c i had been wanting to get them “big sister” and “little sister” shirts and just hadn’t done it yet

this picture cracks me up!

Finally, here’s a video of Bailey swimming with her Aunt and Uncle. Such good memories!



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  1. >"Big Jump!" aww I miss her already. Such a fun girl. We had a great time thanks for being such great hosts. And GA is already so much bigger! …so beautiful and very expressive in her face. I love the photoshoot…especially the first picture. Those girls look so happy just to be together.Can't wait to talk and hear more stories about your adventures lately:)

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