>Little Miss Doogie Howser


>Apparently Georgie needed to see the doctor again. Luckily I didn’t have to load her up in the car again since this doctor makes house calls.

As you can see in this last picture Georgie just smiles and loves her big sister! Sometimes when she’s crying and I can’t calm her down, I’ll lay her on a blanket and ask Bailey to lay down with her and it usually stops her fussing. She really does sense her big sister is there and enjoys listening to her voice and watching her bounce around.And Bailey is such a good big sister! Whenever I talk to people and they ask about the baby, the very next thing they usually ask about is how Bailey is adjusting. And (knock on wood!) my answer is that she’s doing awesome! So far there hasn’t been a drop of jealousy or acting out. Now grant it, Steve has been home the whole time since Georgia was born, so maybe that’s a big part of it. He’s off for summer (lucky timing, huh?) and we’re able to tag-team with the girls and there haven’t been many moments where one of us can’t get to Bailey when she needs us. It might be a whole different story when Steve’s not around as much.

But Bailey really does seem to love her little sister. She wants to hold her a lot and she’s very sweet and gentle with her when she’s talking to her or touching her……using a soft voice or just lightly stroking her face. I mean we tell her that she has to be careful with GA, but she also just seems to intuitively know that she’s a fragile little baby and not one of her plastic babydolls. Good thing considering how she sometimes treats her babydolls! ha ha! And whenever GA is crying, Bailey makes sure we know. She runs up to us saying “Baby crying! Baby crying!” and wants us to fix it immediately. Or she tries to fix it herself by putting her finger to her lips and “Shussshing” Georgia. And one of the cutest things so far is that if anyone asks Bailey what the baby’s name is she’ll answer, “My baby” or “Catherine Bailey’s Baby”. Apparently Georgia doesn’t have a real name of her own. Bailey can also be a bit possessive of her little sis. There’s been a couple of occasions where someone wants to pick up GA and Bailey will hover over her and say “No! My baby”. I hope that protective nature always lasts. One more cute thing about their relationship- when we went on a walk last week Bailey went off and picked a flower for me (she often does this when we’re outside)- but this time she ran off again and got another one and handed it to me saying “baby, baby”. Definitely kept that little yellow flower for GA’s keepsake box. šŸ™‚

I know it’s only been a month since GA entered our lives, but it feels like she’s been a part of our family forever. And luckily, Bailey seems to feel that way too. I love watching them together and I hope and pray that they grow up to be super close best friends. I’m just so happy they have each other!


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  1. >Oh, we already love Georgia so much!Ok, really liked the 12/15 Crazy Love post…my fave quote "Isn't it a comfort to know we worship a God we cannot exaggerate?" Not just a comfort, but an amazing fact! It's fun to read after a highlighter. Then I get a little peek into the things in the book that impacted you.

  2. >these are magnificent! especially love georgia with the blood pressure cuff on. and yes, our girls would officially be best friends if we lived anywhere near each other. I am so glad we get to watch each other's daughters grow up in pictures..at least. bailey and georgia are just stunning.

  3. >Those are the cutest pictures EVER!! I know I am bias since they are my fun, beautiful granddaughters! You must show these pixs to your pediatrician, I think he would get a real kick out of them!

  4. >HAHA! Bailey is a natural. I love the one where Bailey has her hands in Georgia's mouth and Georgia doesn't seem to mind one bit. and the looks she is giving her big sister are precious.

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