>So I now have a small camera that can take videos for me to upload onto this blog- yay! Of course this means that if you read this thing you might all of a sudden become inundated with a flood of videos of my girls doing silly things (you are welcome Mom!). However, I will try to do my best to not become too video happy- hee! hee! But here is one of my favorites- Georgia has the hiccups which Bailey finds hilarious. I love Bailey’s laugh as much as I love Georgia’s hiccups! And yes, I realize that almost everything I post of Bailey has her in just her underwear. I promise that she does own clothes. It’s just that between the summer heat, her potty training, and my laziness with laundry, clothes become not so important in our household! 🙂


And I do have a million other things in my head that I’d love to post……how Bailey is as a big sister, Georgia’s birth story, life with two little ones, etc……..but finding time to sit and upload pics and write about things is a little bit difficult right now. It kind of falls to the bottom of the priority list under sleep, bathing, and eating (things that also get shoved to the side these days……ha ha!) But we’re somewhat getting into a rhythm and hopefully I’ll find more time to share stuff!

P.S. – Is it just me or does hearing yourself on tape make you cringe?? ahhh!!!! oh well! 🙂


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  1. >i hate to hear myself on video for sure! but all you sound to me is like a sweet, loving mama. thanks for showing bailey in her underwear…that is all eden ever wears. love seeing georgia beauty!

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