>Doctor visit


>We took Georgia to her two week appointment today. This girl is an eater- already surpassed her birth weight (7.3) and is now 7 lbs 9 ozs! Everything looked great and healthy, so we’re happy! But my favorite part of the visit was at the end when our pediatrician gave us a prescription for Georgia:

My heart just melted when I read it……just a little reminder of God’s deep love for our daughter.

I’ve always liked this pediatrician- he really listens and takes his time with us and is energetic and caring. (And he wears goofy bow ties which makes me laugh!) I remember my first visit with him for Bailey’s 2 year appointment (although she was 2 and 1/2 years old…oops!) and he was very interested in getting to know our family personally and why we relocated here and everything. At that visit he even asked if we were Christians and had a church to attend and if not, he wanted to invite us to his church. I love that! In our politically correct culture it’s nice to have people openly share their faith in a business type setting. Anyways- this little prescription is definitely going to be a keepsake I hold onto for Georgia for when she gets older. And it’s something we will happily and eagerly dispense on a daily basis! 🙂


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