>41 weeks and counting…..


>So I am officially 41 weeks today and still no baby. Oh well. He/she will come when ready I guess. Of course now I’m thinking it’s a girl because only girls make you wait this long and take this long to get ready! ha! ha!

Last week I was getting really anxious about going into labor since I knew that if I didn’t go on my own by today then I’d have to have a c-section on the 26th (tomorrow). Well yesterday we went to the OBGYN for a non-stress test and for the c-section consultation. I spoke with the doctor about my concerns of having another surgery if it wasn’t really needed and if he’d be comfortable giving me more time to go into labor on my own. And believe it or not he actually agreed and said yes!! (This is kind of a big deal b/c a lot of doctors won’t even let you attempt a VBac, much less let you go to 41 weeks or 42!). He said everything looked good and that we’d just do a bit more monitoring to make sure fluid levels and other things are all still doing well as time ticks by. Of course I’m hoping not much more time will tick by!

And for the record yes, I have done and am doing absolutely everything possible to get this baby out. Many walks, spicy foods, and…….well……everything. Yes, everything. But he/she is just a little stubborn procrastinator like myself, so what can I say? Of course it’s funny because this extra week has given me the chance to get a lot of random things done that are on my “to-do” list and that I’ve been putting off for a long time. So baby’s procrastination is helping with my procrastination! 🙂

Anyways. So I’ve got one more week to have this baby on my own. If he/she still wants to stay put, then it will be a c-section on June 2nd. Of course by that time I don’t think I’ll care how baby comes out, as long as he/she comes. That’ll be 42 weeks and a day and at that point you can just put a fork in me, because I’ll be done!

So with all this extra waiting time I thought it’d be fun to put together a little collage of my growing belly these past 41 weeks. Although I didn’t do a picture every week like I had planned , I got several ones at random times along the way. Much better documentation than with the three goofy pictures I have when pregnant w/Bailey. So here’s the every growing (and just about to pop) baby belly:

Funny to look back and remember feeling like I was SOOO big at like 18 weeks. I had no idea what was coming! ha!

This is today. 41 weeks belly – whoa!!!

P.S. – So looking on the bright side of having this baby come late is the fact that I might get a chance to go see Sex and the City 2!!! yayyy!!! i know that’s such a tiny, insignificant thing, but dang I love that series and can’t wait to see the movie! ha ha!

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  1. >How exciting! I'm going to put in for the 29th. And I couldn't help but giggle about doing everything possible to get the baby out. Hey, you gotta do, whatchya gotta do, right?! 🙂

  2. >You are the cutest, happiest pregnant woman! And I'm so so happy that the doctor understands and is giving your body the chance to do what it's meant to do! Good for him.I really hope little one comes soon! But either way, I can't wait to see you with him or her. 🙂

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