>Brush ’em, brush ’em, brush ’em!


>A few days ago I took Bailey to her first dentist appointment. Seriously- where in the world did my little baby girl go?? The dentist already??? Ahhhhh!!!! It goes by way too quickly….

But anyways – I know it was just a dentist trip and might not seem like a big deal, but I had SOOOO much fun taking her there! It was a pediatric practice and everything was geared for children: the walls were colorful and filled with big, bright paintings, there were toys everywhere, the hygienist had fun little kid names for all the instruments, and there were tons of stickers and prizes for the kids when they were done. And I loved it because they really took their time with us. For me they went through this whole booklet about how to take care of Bailey’s teeth (who knew I was suppose to be flossing her at this age??), and then for Bailey they were very nice and patient and explained everything they were doing to her and let her touch the instruments and feel comfortable in the setting.

Bailey was awesome! She even climbed right up into the chair without being told or asked. And she sat perfectly still the whole time they brushed and flossed her teeth. I was so proud of my little girl! Apparently sometimes kids get really squirmy and they have to put them in this straight-jacket thing so they don’t hurt themselves while their teeth are getting cleaned. It was kind of funny though b/c the jacket was all rainbow colored, like that made the fact that the kid was being strapped down a little more bearable- ha ha!

Well here are some pics of our trip to the dentist. And is it crazy that I can’t wait for her next visit in 6 months?? ha ha!

this is the room we walked into- i guess the frog is to show the kids where to sit playing w/the train- of course! this girl is obsessed with “choo-choos”

so happy to be there! and that was our super sweet hygienist, Cheryl

what a big girl!

i think this was her favorite part- she got to brush the frog’s teeth when we were done

ok, this is random and not at all related to our dentist visit, but i thought it was neat. they had these cool dog paintings on the wall and when i read the descriptions at the bottom, it explained that the artist, Ron Burns, paints dogs that helped with or were somehow harmed during the September 11th attacks. he then uses the proceeds from the paintings he sells and donates them to various 911 charities. i just thought that was so unique b/c i had never thought of how the animals were affected during the attacks. and to use his gift in such a positive way- pretty awesome in my book!


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