>All ready for baby


>We are just 3 days away from our due date…..yay!!! We are so ready and excited to meet Little One #2. And apparently from the last couple of weeks, Bailey is also ready to meet her younger sibling. Here are some pictures from the last month or so of Bailey doing her own version of nesting and preparing for baby:

Good thing she only weighs 28 lbs and won’t break the swing! ha ha! putting baby in carseat…..i’m sure that passes safety standards, right?

her baby has SO much gear (thanks to a Christmas gift from Grandcat and Pawpaw) – swing, highchair, stroller, bouncy seat, activity mat…….there once was a pack-n-play but a certain two year old thought she could fit in it and broke it to pieces- ha ha!

i told her that’s where the baby would sleep and she immediately ran and grabbed her babydoll to put in there- so cute!

apparently my nursing cover also doubles as a super hero cape

wild child!

SO thankful that our neighbor who lives below us is an elderly guy who doesn’t hear very well……all the running this child does!
with a face like that she might be the villain now, not the superhero! what a goof!

i never saw her do this but found it later in the day…….she is taking good care of her baby!
I’m sure I’ve said it before, but honestly I’m almost just as excited to see Bailey with her sibling as I am to meet him or her. I’m sure there will be moments of jealousy and we’ll have to go through a transition period, but I’m not too worried about her. Bailey is SUCH a sweet natured, social little girl. Whenever we’re at the playground or library time or church nursery or anywhere that has kids, she is always the one to go up to the kids and hug them and want to kiss them or hold their hand or give them a toy she’s playing with. Sometimes it’s even too much and the kids run away like “Stop trying to hug me!!!” It’s super cute! I was kind of a bossy, take-charge kind of kid and I was a little worried Bailey might be a little bratty like that, but luckily she’s got a lot of her Daddy in her! She is going to be a wonderful big sister and hopefully the next post will have pics of her holding a real baby! But maybe not riding him/her around in her Dora-mobile- ha ha!

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  1. >oh bailey is going to be a great big sis! eden has never been anything but over-the-top in love with charlotte. sometimes a bit smothering:) I do hope the next post has bailey and her real baby!

  2. >Omg, adorable! I love it. That's especially hilarious about your nursing cover – what a resourceful, creative child! Haha. And hey, good for you for nursing! I'm sure it will be tough this time having Bailey too, but it is the BEST thing for the new baby and you are awesome! I'm so excited for you!!!

  3. >HAHA!! Bailey is so funny! I remember you telling me that she was is the swing, but I was picturing her in like a swingset not a baby swing.

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