>Doing my end zone victory dance right about now – Woot! woot!


>While it’s been a pretty big weekend here in Asheville, what with the President visiting and all, it’s been an even bigger one in the Monty household – hold your breath……here it comes…… in terms of potty training, we had an entire day that was accident free!

(Resounding, thunderous applause and cheers!!!!!)

I know, I know. To any non-parent out there this probably isn’t all that interesting or that big of a deal. But to anyone who’s ever struggled with teaching a toddler how to poop and pee (and subsequently had to clean up a million poop and pee accidents), you know what a historic day this is for me. ha ha!

Ok…..enough with the drama. 🙂 But it was a good day for us in potty training world. I remember meeting an older mom of five kids last fall and she said, “You can either take months to train a two year old or take a week to train a three year old”. Although I’ve only got one child to base my assessment on, so far I’d say she’s pretty dead on. We casually introduced Bailey to potty training when she turned two, but with no real gung-ho effort on our part – just more of a way for us to slowly warm her up to it without much pressure or force. But around two and a half, she really started showing interest and doing a great job on her own. If you’re curious on our technique, it’s something we just kind of wing on our own (have yet to ever read a potty training book/article…….I’m so lazy in that respect…….maybe I should read one- duh!). But we just leave her naked or in her underwear during the day and take her to the potty about every hour (she goes about half the time) and when she succeeds, we praise her to no end. Many silly dances, lots of stickers, and a bajillion M&Ms are involved. Then it started to progress where she would go on her own without us taking her- yay!!!!

Well that positive road towards a diaper-less household started to crumble about a month or so ago. Even though she had proven to us that she knew WHERE to go (NOT in her Dora underwear) and that she knew WHEN to go (BEFORE she started to actually pee or poop), she all of a sudden started to regress and Dora (and our carpet) got a lot of unnecessary golden showers. Yuck! And I’ve racked my brain as to why the regression started and ways to turn it around…….are there too many changes going on in her life? Did she just get bored? Are the rewards not interesting any more? Should we resort back to diapers? Is punishment ok for something like this? And just a million other questions that I never thought would occupy my brain and leave me more puzzled than calculus AND Spanish combined. Yep. This is the fun side of parenting. 🙂

But then about a week ago we gave Bailey a HUGE bubble bath- like the kind where the bubbles are falling out of the tub. It was fun. And of course she loved it so much that she’s been asking for one ever since. So this morning, completely out of the blue (and out of desperate frustration), I came up with this little chart that allowed her to earn a bubble bath if she went potty five times on her own today. And gosh darn it if those dang bubbles didn’t do the trick!

Now that’s not to say that this will work every day or that it’ll even work tomorrow or that I’ll even try the same tactic tomorrow. I’m not quite that optimistic. But that’s ok. For today and today alone, we had a small victory in our household. And I am happy. As is our carpet and her Dora underwear. Yayyyy!! So I had to share. Plus I’m really proud of my little picture with Bailey in the bubble bath. I’m quite the artist, huh? (Steve got a big laugh out of it.)

P.S. – Although I’m lazy w/reading parenting books and articles, I am all about advice from other moms I know in real life- so if you’ve got any tips- PLEASE throw them my way!


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  1. >i'm very proud of little bailey girl!!! (and happy for you and steve!!! and dora and the carpet!) i'm storing this info away in my brain for future use!!! i, too, have a bubble bath lover!

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