>Mandy’s Baby Shower


>These last few weeks have been extra busy, busy, busy. What am I saying?? It’s not just these last few weeks- it’s just life in general, right? You think things are going to settle down, but then it just picks up speed again. But that’s ok– luckily it’s all been good stuff!

About a month ago Steve went on a Vegas trip with his brothers and a few friends. (At least that’s the story he’s been trying to sell me; you just never know with Vegas…….hee hee!). Since he was flying out of Atlanta, it ended up being a good opportunity for me go home and visit family and get a few things done. Mainly I went through all our storage and got all the baby stuff out and washed and organized. The flood they had back in the fall made the carseat and few other items yucky and moldy, but luckily with a little elbow grease and a few washes, it all came out clean. It was also fun going through Bailey’s old clothes and having lots of “Awww…….remember this outfit?” moments. And wow! I have totally forgotten how tiny she was! Felt like I was folding doll clothes half the time, not clothes my 2.5 year old daughter use to wear! But now we have all the baby stuff back in our apartment, which is a huge stress-reducer for me. This place actually looks a bit more ready for a baby to arrive; up until that trip there was no evidence of a new one’s arrival other than my ever growing belly! ha ha!

Also my little GA trip happen to coincide perfectly with my friend Mandy’s baby shower- yay!!! Knowing travel would be a little hard the further along I got, I totally lucked out on the timing of that one! We are due about 10 days apart and I couldn’t be more excited or happy for Mandy and Blake. They are having a little boy and naming him Luke and if he’s anything like his Mama, I know he’ll be one sweet and stylish boy! I have to say that after having a child and experiencing the joy and fun of being a parent, it just makes me SOOOO ecstatic when I find out friends are expecting their first baby. It’s like at Christmas or a birthday and you’re watching a loved one open a gift -the BEST gift- and you just sit on the edge of your seat in anticipation, wanting them to rip through the wrapping paper even faster so you can see their surprise and happiness when they see their gift. Well I don’t know if that analogy makes sense, but that’s how I feel when someone I know is about to have a baby. And I’m just thrilled for Mandy and look forward to hearing all the ups and downs that come with her adventures into parenthood! She really is going to be such a good Mom- so relaxed and hands on and fun! Luke is a lucky little boy!

Ok, but enough blabbing- on to some pictures from the shower. Unfortunately I didn’t get to take nearly as many as I wanted b/c I had a little toddle to attend to and when she’s with me, I never can take all the pictures I want. But here are a few of my favorites that I did get:

Thank goodness there were balloons. Bailey was entertained the whole time!

We played a game with ribbon where we had to guess the size of Mandy’s tummy. I tried to cheat and use my own belly as a guide, but mine is much bigger than hers! ha ha!

the beautiful mama opening gifts for Luke

one of my favorite moments at the shower – Bailey was outside w/Blake and some guys and the little bow on her dress came undone and I looked out the window and Blake was tying it for her. I just think it’s so cute to see grown men fix little girls’ clothes or hairbows! Especially when they do it a little wrong, but it still turns out totally cute! (like he tied it on backwards, but it was adorable!) Blake is gonna be a good daddy!

a really cool memory box for Luke

more gifts!

I don’t know if she could possibly be any more beautiful!

our babies hanging out- now I just can’t wait to find out if my little one is going to be Luke’s best friend or future bride! ha ha!

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