>Babymoon 2010


>Since our honeymoon back in 2006, Steve and I have only gone on one other trip alone – this past summer we spent three days in Asheville where Steve had work to do and I was off hunting for a rental. It was a fun trip, but pretty short and so busy that we ended up only getting to spend time together in the evenings. So this spring break we decided that we needed to go on a real vacation, just the two of us, before number 2 arrives and life gets even more chaotic and busy. We love, love, LOVE Savannah and have gone there the last two spring breaks, but wanted to try something new. A lot of folks we talked to suggested Charleston, SC, and said how similar it is to Savannah, so we decided to give it a try.

Although we missed Bailey like crazy, it was so nice to get away just the two of us. Even though we sometimes bicker and have our ups and downs like every other couple, Steve is definitely my best friend and I just love hanging out and relaxing and being goofy and exploring the world with him; he’s just such an awesome hubby and partner in life. And I really feel grateful that we had this opportunity before baby comes…..I mean our whole little family started off with just the two of us and it was awesome to revisit where we began before we become a family of 4.

So here are some pictures from our little Babymoon adventure together. First off, I of course have to include some pics of Bailey- how could I have a post w/o them?? We left for our trip right after the Easter service to meet my parents who watched Bailey for the week. (Apparently they are now going through Bailey withdrawals- who can blame them? ) So here are a few pics of our little girl all dressed up:

Wearing a cute dress Aunt Cindy gave her from a trip to some Caribbean island- very pretty!

Do you like the candy necklace the Easter bunny brought her? For some reason she made it to nursery with it on and came out with it no where in sight. I just keep picturing the other kids surrounding her eating it off her neck- ha ha!

Right outside our apartment- not a bad view i think!

Daddy and his little girl

we both look like “huh?? i’m sleepy…..”
Now on to our trip. The first day was spent at the beach on The Isle of Palms:
Daddy, Mama, and Baby

Baby working on his/her tan

I wish the suburbs would paint houses with fun colors like these

I can’t believe I’m posting this picture, but honestly, I love my baby belly. Knowing our future son or daughter is chilling out in that beach ball belly makes me happy. Now the weight gain in other areas?? yeah, could do without that- ha ha! but it’s all worth it and i wouldn’t trade it for anything!

picnic on the beach

eating in Charleston. Steve got a beer and I wanted to feel like a grown up too so I ordered a virgin strawberry daiquiri. it came out looking like a 5 year old’s birthday party. i loved it!


we shared a huge seafood smorgasbord that came in this big iron pot- yummy!

these were the utensils that were included – looks like little torture devices for the shrimp and clams

visiting the open market- these are some beautiful sea grass baskets that the native women weave

this sign makes me laugh

being lovey-dovey……yeah, yeah, so sappy 🙂

horse-drawn carriage ride around the city. learned tons of interesting history

eating at 82 Queen. this restaurant was set in the middle of a garden. so pretty and relaxing!

i like this picture. lots of vibrant, flourishing life on the Cross

this house was for sell and we thought about putting in an offer…….i mean it was only priced for a million or so…….not too much, right?? ha!

snuck into this garden at some random house we passed (might of even taken an unauthorized bathroom break there….can’t say for sure……hee hee! …….walking around in a city all day with a baby on your bladder calls for a few random acts of clever hiding and squatting 🙂 )

Dear Backyard: I love you!

i became slightly obsessed with all the gorgeous flowers in the city

lunch in Battery Park

pink flowers for a pink house

we toured this historic home full of Civil War history -very cool!

too bad the house couldn’t have a nice view from the porch 🙂

sitting on this weird seat thing that’s local only to Charleston- called a “jiggity jo” or something silly like that. it’s fun b/c it bounces and rocks sideways and you can sit a lot of people on it

told you i was obsessed w/the flowers- especially the wisteria – so dang beautiful!

rode a boat to visit Fort Sumtner (a very important Civil War place that I was a little bored at, but Steve found interesting)

the Fort

on our last day we went to the Magnolia Plantation and visited their gardens, AKA- Eden! Seriously, the flowers and plants and trees were just heaven! It was so relaxing to be surrounded by so much nature and beauty

even the swampy moss was pretty!

i wanted a picture in front of the wisteria so i could pretend i was one of the Desperate Housewives! ha ha!

jungle man jumping out of the bamboo

God’s beautiful creation!

creme roses, my favorite kind
The end. Fun trip! I would recommend Charleston to anyone and actually can’t wait to go back again – hopefully with our two kiddos next time! 🙂


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  1. >I love your pictures! Now I want to go to Charleston! That city should pay you for promoting it!!!And I really believe that those other babies in the nursery literally ate that necklace off of Bailey's neck!!!

  2. >You are so beautiful! Is it weird that I have the urge to drive down to NC just to love on your belly? haha And of course love on Bailey. She is such a pretty girl in her Easter dress. Looks like you guys had a great trip and got some amazing pictures (no surprise). I am so glad you got to enjoy some relaxing time with your hubby! I love the pictures of Magnolia Gardens. We planned on going but didn't get time:( We will have to all go back together!We will have to all go back together

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