>Beautiful Tomboy


>A couple of days ago Bailey was in rare form while hanging out (literally) on our little deck. She had just come back from playing outside with Daddy and I think she was all wound up and hyper. I took my camera out there b/c I thought she looked adorable wearing my camo hat, but she ended up giving me a little impromptu photo shoot of some of her silliest faces. I was cracking up the whole time! Seriously- what a crazy goober! So here are some of my favorite shots…

And by the way- she was eating some string cheese, which is why her face is super dirty, and the stickers on her forehead are from potty training. She just goes in the toilet and I put the sticker wherever she wants- even if it’s right smack dab on her face. ha ha!

Oh my goodness! This expression is so cute and sweet to me….I guess she was being a little shy or something

definitely knows how to ham it up for the camera


love her big, beautiful hazel eyes

and of course the tongue has to make its appearance

What am I gonna do with this crazy girl?? I guess just laugh, laugh, laugh……. 🙂


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