>28 little joys


>Today I turned 28. yay! Actually it’s no big deal (bdays really aren’t anymore once you have a little one around……I mean how can you compete w/a birthday filled with Spongebob cake and bubbles??). But all the same, I like birthdays for the purpose of taking a bit of stock in life and I always end up feeling crazy grateful for all I’ve been blessed with. Seriously- God has kind of spoiled me rotten. And not just with the obvious stuff of health and family and friends and food and shelter (although those are beyond amazing gifts!), but more so with His love and understanding and patience and grace.

So I thought it would be fun to write a little list of 28 things I’ve been thankful for lately. A lot of them aren’t super serious things, but it’s the little things in life that bring simple happiness, right?? So, here goes….

  1. Sunshine, springtime, and non-snowy weather. Warmer temperatures are increasing my happiness barometer by about a million percent. (of course today does not count since it was cold and rainy- boo!)
  2. Grandmoms who cook green beans for a family lunch just because a particular granddaughter and great-granddaughter love them.
  3. Lady Gaga tunes.
  4. Screaming at the top of my lungs when hubby startles me by walking into the kitchen and catches me dancing like a maniac to the Lady Gaga tunes.
  5. Three a.m. baby kicks in the belly. In the darkness and silence it feels like we’re the only two awake in the whole wide world.
  6. Vanilla yogurt with granola.
  7. Husbands who finally take the advice of their wives and shave their heads and look sexier than ever.
  8. Long, long walks outside.
  9. Consignment sales where I can get a toddler’s entire spring and summer wardrobe for sixty bucks.
  10. The Barefoot Contessa.
  11. Moms who get on their hands and knees to help you clean up a two year old’s poop “incident” that is smeared into the carpet.
  12. Due to #11, Febreeze and Mr. Clean. ha! ha!
  13. Long, flowy spring dresses that require no sort of elastic waist band in order to wear.
  14. A brother and a sister-in-law who send you Sour Patch Kids, much needed dress socks, and the cutest pair of dangly earrings for your bday. Especially when they’re individually wrapped in super adorable wrapping paper.
  15. The anticipation of Easter….the excitement of waiting for the redemption of my King.
  16. Meeting miracle babies and their mommas and feeling an immediate connection of the heart 🙂
  17. When my daughter points to her eyes, then points to her chest, then points to me, all the while saying – “I. Love. You.” Kind of awesome.
  18. The movie Seven Pounds. Needed to view this movie- your brain and a box of tissues….my kind of film.
  19. The fact that hubby and myself have finally, yes FINALLY, agreed on a boy name. Now for the girl’s…….
  20. Friends who call from California to wish you Happy Birthday. It gets even better when you realize this is the 19th birthday you’ve had with this particular friend in your life.
  21. When my family automatically gives me the corner piece of the bday cake b/c they know how much I love icing.
  22. Sioban on American Idol. She’s the winner. I’m calling it.
  23. GPS systems. Being lost is a thing of the past. Now if only it would also detect lurking police cars…..
  24. The Old Testament.
  25. Husbands who return to the grocery store they just got home from because they forgot to pick up the Cadbury Bunny Eggs their wives were craving.
  26. D.W. in the Arthur book series by Marc Brown. Best little sister in children’s literature ever.
  27. When God forgives me for the 28,000th time.
  28. Flip-flops which allow me to put on shoes w/o having to bend over this beach ball belly and tie shoelaces.

So year 28- here I come. It’s gonna be good! 🙂


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  1. >Happy birthday Renee!!! I love reading your posts & I loved hearing the 28 things that make you so happy. I hope your day was super special & I hope you're feeling great with this pregnancy. I'm thinking another little girl for you! Bailey is just so stinkin cute!!!!

  2. >Awww, i teared up reading this. I'm so happy for you renee. I hope you had a wonderful Birthday yesterday surrounded by your family. So crazy about March bday's. My brothers was the 21st and Jared's is today. There were lots of people gettin it on in the month of June:) LOL.

  3. >friend. happy birthday=) hope you felt so special. i cannot tell you how much i enjoyed hanging out with you and bailey last week…seriously. i left there thinking "MAN i wish we lived closer together…" an instant connection of the heart for sure. it's awfully nice to reunite with friends from long ago and it be effortless to walk and chat for over an hour=) give that little girl a smooch and that belly a pat from me.

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