>In response to the most frequently asked questions posed to me this week by complete strangers….

  1. No, I am not carrying twins. It might be a rather large oven, but there is only one bun in it.
  2. No, I am not due to “drop” any day now. I actually have about 10 more weeks, so it’s closer to 70 days. Yes, 70.
  3. Yes, I am really big. (This one isn’t in response to a question, but rather an agreement to everyone’s follow-up comment of “Wow! You’re so big!”)

It’s funny – when I was pregnant w/Bailey I never got out in public much at this stage in the game – (no, I wasn’t being hidden away like the Hunchback of Notre Dame…..just on bedrest) – so I didn’t get many of these types of comments that I heard a lot of other pregnant women say they got. But my time has come! And in all honesty, I thought it might offend me or bother me a bit, but it really doesn’t. Let’s face it – I’ve walked by a mirror or two these last few weeks and yes! I am big!! I would probably think the same thing (just wouldn’t say it) if I saw me waddling down the street. Plus no one has ever said it in a nasty or malicious way. I think all the strangers I’ve met with my belly have just been curious and want to know. Also, I’m the weirdo stalker girl who wonders about other people- what their story is, who they are, what they’re like – so I love talking to strangers and striking up conversations. The belly is a good intro! And usually I get to make sassy and fun comments back like “No – not due soon……I just eat A LOT and none of it’s healthy!” or “I am huge, right??? There better be a 20 pound baby in there!”. The stranger always laughs back and we have a good ol’ time.

Anyways- just wanted to share some of my adventures in pregnant land! It’s all been fun and I love meeting and talking to new people and I love that this little baby is already making people smile! And I would post a picture of my ever-expanding belly, but you know, my camera’s lens isn’t quite wide enough 🙂

P.S.- So I’ve been kind of off on my baby gender guessing skills lately (never really had them though! ha ha!). Guessed two friends correctly and two friends wrong. Hmmm…..50/50 right and wrong- who would have thought? So I honestly have no clue what this little one inside of me is. I thought it’d be fun to put a poll on the blog and see what everyone else thinks. So take a guess if you want! We’ll know in hopefully 70 days. Yes, 70. 🙂


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  1. >You are a better woman than me my friend….I can think of several things sassy preggo Hannah might have to say to the people who make the "big as a house, about to pop, are you having triplets?" people….love ya girl! 🙂

  2. >You are so incredibly beautiful pregnant or not! And you show your inner beauty with your sweet responses. I would probably go with, "I'm growing another human being inside here.. what's your excuse?

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