>I’d rather go naked than . . .


>listen to my momma!!

Last week I put Bailey down for her nap. Not hearing any noise for about 15 minutes I figured she had gone to sleep and I was free to take a relaxing bath. 30 minutes later and I get out of the tub and go check on my supposed “Sleeping Beauty”. This is what I found:

Now mind you, we had actually JUST cleaned up her room – although I am NO where near being a neat freak, the one thing I do try to stick with is picking up her room before she goes to sleep- and she was in clothes when she went down for her nap. But within the 45 minutes of me saying good night and closing her door, she had stripped down to nothing, donned her cowboy boots and cowgirl hat, and felt the need to pull out a million toys and books.
What mom?? I’m soooooo innocent!
the girl has got some fashion sense. not necessarily “good” fashion sense……

Then last night we put Bailey down at 8:00 as usual. Her afternoon nap was a little later than normal so we thought she’d be up playing and reading for a while before we heard quiet sleeping. But she surprised us. After about 10 minutes we didn’t hear a thing and thought ourselves lucky for missing a long, drawn-out bedtime routine. Of course when we opened her door to check on her and tuck her in again and give final kisses, this is what we found:

She had completely given up on her bed and again, stripped down to nothing (I guess sleeping in a cowgirl hat is kind of hard). Now I know what happened here. Every night before bed I pull out two pairs of pajamas and let her pick the one she wants to sleep in. Giving her just the tiniest choice seems to get her a bit more excited for bed time and she doesn’t squirm as much when we put the pjs on. The rule however is that whatever she picks first, she has to stick with (otherwise it’d be a 20 minute ordeal of changing pajamas a hundred times!). Well she picked her purple footsie pajamas last night, but after putting them on she starting pointing and whining for her flower pajamas. Having to stick to our rule I said “no” and we read books and went to sleep like normal. Or so we thought. After finding her like this I did some snooping and sure enough, her purple ones were discarded and put back into her pj drawer (at least she cleaned up!) and her flower ones were out of the drawer and in a little pile by her bed. I guess she tried to put them on herself and couldn’t make it work so she finally gave up exhausted and just slept on the floor!
What a crazy little girl! I’m a little nervous to see what happens during today’s nap! ha ha!
P.S. – for the record, I should have probably titled this post with “nekkid” instead of “naked” since according to Lewis Grizzard, being “nekkid” (pronounced the good ol’ southern way) means you’re not just without clothes, but that you’re without clothes and up to no good! I’m pretty sure that is the case with little Bailey here! πŸ™‚
P.S.S. – I’m feeling much better about all the stress stuff this week. On Friday we had a doctor’s appointment and I heard the heartbeat again and just let out a huge sigh (and maybe shed a tear or two). I didn’t realize the amount of worry and stress I was carrying, but hearing the little baby’s heart made me exhale and think “ok, this is what it’s all about…..it’ll be ok……everything will fall into place”. So thank you for any prayers and/or encouraging words sent my way! Very much appreciated and help a lot! πŸ™‚ (Also I watched Evan Almighty for the first time on Saturday and that movie just rocks!! ha ha!)

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  1. >very true Emilie! let's just hope she doesn't become a stripper one day or else that picture will have a VERY different meaning….ha ha! πŸ™‚ just kidding!

  2. >HAHA!!! Bailey is so funny! Naked with cowboy boots and hat. She's gone country:) Back to her roots. I bet you couldn't be mad about the mess through all the laughing!

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