>The Princess and Picasso



For Christmas Bailey got a few little outfits that allow her to change personas faster than Clark Kent in a phone booth. I know, I know…..cheesy opener, but I could resist- hee hee! From our family friends across the ocean, Bill and Patricia, she received a tutu and flower headband set. Although I think those things are super pretty and adorable, I have never put Bailey in such a girly, whimsical outfit, and I wasn’t sure what she’d do with it. But let me tell you- our little outdoor, rough and tough girl LOVES wearing her princess/ballerina clothes! The moment we opened the gift she knew just what to do and where everything went (how she knew that, I have no idea!). And it’s super cute because she usually just puts on the tutu over whatever clothes she has on, which makes her look like a little punk rock princess. And she loves to twist her hips and make the tutu twirl a bit. Honestly, it takes all the restraint I have to not just grab her and kiss her and squeeze her till it hurts! ha ha! Just want to eat her up!! So here are some pictures of our little punk rock princess (in her pink Chucks of course) the night she got her tutu:

she likes what she sees…. (i can’t blame her)

After telling a few people about her tutu, several suggested that I take a bunch of “pretty princess” pics of her wearing nothing but the tutu and headband. An opportunity to take more pictures of my gorgeous girl??? Yes please!! These are the results:

no lie – i just said “smile” and this was the little pose she gave……does Tyra have an “America’s Next Baby Model” show going on?? ha ha!

probably yelling or growling right now…..she’s very into growling these days

now this is typical Bailey- jumping around w/her tongue sticking out

her face is SO funny here i think!

you might think i told her to make a funny face, but no- this is just something she does on her own and i have NO idea where she learned it. neither I nor Steve claim it…..Pawpaw??
Now Christmas also brought her another little outfit- a painter’s smock and an easel from Santa. She loves to paint and it’s a lot of fun for us to watch her get into all the colors and make her little mark. Also, it’s fun because now our otherwise completely white-walled apartment is full of bright, beautiful paintings from our little artist. Here she is getting all creative:

concentrating so hard

although she’s learning some of her letters, she might have had a little help with the top part of the painting…..hee hee!

this pictures is hanging above our bed now and daddy helped her make a matching one for me too and when she’s on our bed she’ll point to them and say “daddy” and “mama” respectively- so cute!
and sometimes she likes to be both a princess and a painter all at the same time proving once again that a girl can have it all!

doing her Michael Jordon thing where she sticks out her tongue while concentrating

It’s going to be so much fun to see what she ends up really being when she grows up!

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  1. >just love these pics, especially the ones of her in her tutu. really great. what camera setting do you mostly use? i'm having a little trouble keeping my images from blurring, and with a little one in front of the camera, it seems you've figured this one detail out. love reading your family updates. 🙂 ~jess (i have a new blog, btw)

  2. >She is such an amazing little creative being! You must stay constantly entertained. You do such a great job of catching her every moment growing up. Looks like you guys have so much fun! I can't wait to be a mommy. You are so blessed. I'm really happy for your soon to be family of 3!

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