>Christmas in January


>It’s been almost a month, but I finally have Christmas pictures to post. Considering I’m a master at procrastination, one month isn’t so bad! Because we had to fly out of Atlanta to get to Colorado, we ended up having Christmas with both families, which was nice. It’s so funny- our families are both so loving and great, but the atmospheres are very different. In my family Bailey is the only grandkid and this year we didn’t get to celebrate with my brother and sister-in-law, so we had an even more quiet holiday with just me, Steve, Bailey, my mom and dad, my Grandmom, and my Aunt Kelly. Needless to say, Bailey got ALL the attention! ha ha! Then we head out to the high altitude where we meet Steve’s 4 siblings and their spouses, plus his mom and dad, and the 7 other grandkids (Bailey was in heaven!). Fun, crazy chaos. Talk about the other extreme! At one house we all take turns watching each person open their gifts and at the other one it’s a blurry mess of wrapping paper being thrown everywhere and you’re just lucky if you end up opening the right one! It’s neat having the two different worlds.

I could write a WHOLE bunch about the holidays (who me??? write a lot?? no!), but to save your eyeballs some time, here are my favorite high lites:

GA Christmas:

  • Bailey snuggling up to her Great Aunt Kelly for about 15 minutes. Just sat in her lap w/no snacks or toys and was as happy as could be. They have such a special bond!
  • Watching my parents open their gifts from Bailey. She made them coffee mugs with a picture collage of her on it. They were thrilled and carried their mugs w/them everywhere!
  • Being surprised by Uncle Kyle and Aunt Stacy’s gift. They got her a rocking chair from an antique store and Uncle Kyle refurbished it and painted it himself. So special!
  • Bailey putting on her pink Converse that Grandcat and Pawpaw got her. I’ve always had at least one pair of Chucks since the age of 10 and it’s time for her to continue the tradition! (Plus they are hi-tops and so far she is unable to take them off on her own!!! This saves us hours in the car where she usually throws off her shoes and we have to find them and put them back on! Bonus!)
  • Bailey opening her babydoll kit from Grandcat and Pawpaw. This baby has more than our actual baby will have! – a swing, a crib, a high chair, a sling, a stroller, a playmat…..it’s crazy! It’s in hopes of getting her ready for her new sibling. She loves her baby (who by the way has the very creative name of “Baby”) and couldn’t wait for Steve to put the stroller together for her to roll around.
  • When Bailey wore her new converse, new Dora scarf, and played her new piano for us. Such a funny outfit.
  • Bailey playing with Chloe (the cat) under the Christmas tree. So cute!

CO Christmas:

  • Bailey skiing for the first time!!! We were so proud of her! It was one of the coldest days and she didn’t cry at all and just flew down the mountain with her daddy. He said she was yelling “yeah, yeah, yeah!” when they went fast. I have it on video, but have no idea how to post it……gotta learn that b/c it’s fun to watch!
  • When big cousin Abby (she’s 4) painted Bailey’s fingernails. They were both so serious and Bailey held perfectly still. Such a precious moment!
  • When Abby painted my nails. She used a different color on each nail and then went back and put polka dots on top of that. I was stylin’!
  • Bailey baking cookies with Grandma. She of course tried the raw dough and loved it!
  • Seeing the Christmas tree for the first time. Uncle Dan must have found the tallest tree in the yard to cut down! It reminded me of something Clark Grizzwald would do!
  • When Santa (aka- cousin Sam) visited and all the kids sat on his lap, even the big ones. Of course one kid cried……I’ll give you one guess to figure out who! ha ha!
  • Going to my sister-in-law’s father’s 70th birthday. We got to dress up, eat fancy food, and Bailey and Steve had a lovely father/daughter dance. Plus Bailey made friends with the bartender who kept feeding her orange slices and it was just the cutest thing. I kept thinking of Sweet Home Alabama – “You have a baby. In a bar!” ha!
  • While walking through the airport to come back to GA Bailey decided she was tired of walking and literally JUMPED on the back of one of the suitcases Steve was pulling and held on for dear life as we made our way through the terminal. It was hilarious!! Everyone around us started laughing and we even saw a few other kids follow her lead. That’s my monkey girl!

Overall it was a nice and relaxing holiday and we just feel so grateful that we were given the time to share it with both families. Once we have two little ones, we don’t know how much holiday travelling will be able to do, so we’re taking advantage while we can. The feeling I’ll remember most from this past Christmas was of just being spoiled rotten with love. What more could you want?? We’re crazy blessed and feel so very grateful!

But enough of my gabbing- here are some pics of our time in GA and CO – enjoy! :


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